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Updated on April 12, 2014

Think in it!

The money will buy you a fine dog, but never buy the wag of its tail.
Henry Wheeler Shaw

 The most elegant.


If there was a competition between all the dogs to choose one whose style was the most elegant, the Afghan certainly win.
Both the physical and the way of being, the Afghan remained aristocratic. The real Afghanhound is the prototype of canine elegance. For starters, he has an unusual coat with a large breed, the wires straight, smooth and silky go almost to the ground.
Some Afghans complement the beauty of the coat with a new twist: Mandarin (a goatee), as it is called by the creators. Although not all the copies you make, when there is a dog is welcome. Another detail is the range of exotic short hair on the line of the column, which is darker than the rest of the coat.
Like a good Greyhound, the physical Afghan is among the most refined of the species. The narrow body and long legs make up a slim type - the very tall and thin. The tail is a curious breed specificity: thin, almost hairless and curled like a question mark.

In addition to their physical characteristics, race is a show by the way he moves. When he walks, steps and tail light in hand are worth a parade. When you stop, your posture is impeccable. With neck erect, the Afghan gets to look around as if to see if they notice that he is indeed the king of elegance. Do not miss the class or at bedtime. Crosses the front legs and rests his head on them. When run, the show is even higher, seems to float above the ground and the fur flies in the wind.
Because of its heritage from the mountains, the Afghanhound is strong and agile, able to climb rocks, walk on stones and rocks. Their large paws give him great for sustaining spins and turns while chasing prey. He manages to evade the hooves and teeth of a cornered animal. The dog does not need a brave hunter, as he is able to keep the prey under its custody until the owner arrives. The Afghan adapts to cold weather, wet and windy.
The Afghan is truly elegant, your deletes traces coarse structure. His head is long and refined, slightly convex or Roman appearance. As high as long, he is the picture of athletic power and distributed in a single back. So gracious when stopped, the Afghan is even more beautiful when you move, your walk is impressive and their movement is marked by subtlety. His flowing hair softens her image of strength and style and elegance transpires. Handlers working with this breed easily, because these dogs are exhibited itself in a graceful trot and seductive to the judges. In motion, the Afghan summarizes the fine art, a natural wonder.

The Afghan puppy, however, seems to belong to another race or some mixture. The long snout, slender legs, the silky, natural grace and noble attitude are not perceived, by contrast, the chick has a short snout and wide, a coat "soft" attitude and a wild and untamed. As grows, the inherent characteristics of the Afghan will become clear and training the dog is clear.
In temperament, the Afghan lives up to its reputation as "distant." But one should understand that he is a little dog on the owner, quite the contrary, the race shall choose its owner for about 5 months. If after this phase is excluded from it, enough to refuse food and may have behavioral changes.

In fact, the typical independent breed can pass a false sense of disinterest in being close to the owners. The Afghan does not need much physical proximity, not those seeking attention, or celebrate leap owners. When the dog wants to express affection is not effusive.
The Afghan not always, or rather almost never answer when called, just look for the owner and continues doing whatever it is its nature self-sufficient. When trying to pick up an Afghan it is common to need the person to hunt him for several minutes.
The Afghan does not submit to anyone. At this point the creators are categorical: who wants a dog for obedience prime can not have one Afghan. While I understand rightly, what the owners expect it, the Afghanhound obeys only when she wants.
Given the origins of the Afghan, it was very obedient and submissive to human commands, would not be endowed with its main characteristic behavior: self-sufficiency. The strong race is the ability to solve problems, meet new situations and act strategically in front of them.
Moreover, as described in the biography, the race came to Afghanistan with the nomads who drove by on his way to China and India. At this time, the Afghan had developed tricks of survival. He learned to steal food, valuables and even horses, had the ability to not be surprised. This talent that all copies, without exception, show up today.

His close relationship with the Afghan is quiet, he is a quiet dog. Although large, get used easily in small environments. Inside the house, spends much time resting, however, not only the lives of Afghan rest. Just who is at liberty to show the other side of his personality: breath and energy to make it the envy of an athlete. When released in large areas do not hesitate to leave in a hurry. She loves to run. It is one of the breeds used in dog racing in Europe and USA. If there is a lake nearby, prepare yourself, because it loves to bathe. It is for the owner to spend a few hours to let the dog's coat in order.
The Afghan can not live without exercise. If you do not have the space where he lives, is fundamental, at least once a day, go out to unload their forces for at least half an hour. Remember that race does not answer the calls and keeps the spirit of the explorer backgrounds, so do not make the mistake of taking the dog loose, chances are you do not see it anymore.
Another feature is not bark for nothing.
As the Afghan hunted in packs, live well in the company of other dogs. Despite being one of the cats of their old prey, and also usually accept the company of cats. The race ignores strangers without any ceremony. Has become legendary in the habit of removing the head if a stranger try to pet it. But even more averse to strangers does not serve to guard because they only attack if threatened.


The Afghanhound originates from Afghanistan, with records of his existence since about 7000 years. There is no doubt that this is an ancient race, a Greyhound who is quoted in legends and myths stemmed the nomads of the Middle East. The hill tribes were clusters of people with varied cultures and customs as well, who developed the breed to hunt large and small animals. It is believed that the Afghanhound was chosen to go with Noah on his ark.
By nature, the Afghanhound is a hunter fast. Even today it is used to hunt large animals in Afghanistan. A good Afghanhound hunting by himself, without direction of the hunter. The independence of thought and impetuosity are typical of the breed today. Much of what is supposed to know about this race was lost in wars that ravaged the region of the Middle East, the largest of them were led by Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Also there were troubles with Muslims, whom they considered the race a Afghanhound dirty and unclean.
There is evidence that these dogs originated from two basic types, which reflect the terrain and climate where they have developed, but in isolated tribes, dogs have adapted their own varieties of coat color and the specific environmental conditions. The dogs originated from the desert the Salukis, and the dogs originated from the mountains Afghanhounds, which were lower, and muscular with hair longer and thicker. The creation of Afghanhound expanded beyond Afghanistan after the war of Hindu-Afghan border in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. It is said that a British officer from a base near Kabul sent some dogs to England in 1925, and sent to the U.S. years later. He became the first artist officially documented.
Zeppo Marx, one of the famous Marx Brothers was a big fan of the race along with his wife and two dogs imported from England. The couple founded a shelter in Massachusetts and became pioneers of race in America.


It is not easy to keep an Afghan. His coat should be brushed regularly to remove dead hair and prevent knots and tangles. Puppy coat needs brushing as it grows, so the puppies should be accustomed to brushing when entering for the family.
Between the tenth and eleventh eighth month, the young Afghan exchange their coats in a process that lasts a month or a little more. During this period the dog should be examined daily, for the fall, the dead hair is hooked to the rest of the coat, forming small tangles that can turn into great knots, causing skin irritations that will need long sessions of treatment and, ultimately must be cut and removed and can leave the hole in the coat.
Brushes of untangling hair are efficient tools to remove those tangles of hair. Comb or brush the hair from the outside is not advisable because it can tangle the hair more.
Even when sick, demonstrates high resilience. By having long ears are prone to ear infections, weekly cleaning of the ears may cut the risk of infection, one should take care not to injure the inner ear. Should be asked veterinary help if they do not know how to do the cleaning.
Are prone to tartar and, so, to gingivitis (gum inflammation), favored by the acidity of saliva. In very severe cases, teeth may fall, spreading inflammation and even come to kill the animal due to heart problems, kidney or liver.
As the Afghan grows very fast, is subject to rickets, causing skeletal deformities that may hinder their movement. In puppies, it is possible to prevent or correct the disease, but in adults there is no cure, because the bones are already fully formed. To prevent the problem you should feed them properly, according to the weight and age of the dog. Trips to the sun help to fix the calcium. The appearance of tumor is targeted with relative frequency. Anaemia, vomiting and bleeding are likely evidence of ongoing disease. There is no finding of hereditary diseases in Afghan origins created in Brazil, are usually very healthy. There are rare cases of dysplasia in leg's bone and cataracts. It is believed that dogs have been imported free of these problems.
They have the natural sensitivity of the Greyhounds to pesticides and anesthetics. Some developers worry about the effect of anesthesia on their dogs and not allow them to be subjected to X-rays, thus believing, are avoiding the degeneration of bones and joints.
The dog needs a lot of exercises and to walk at least 1 km per day. Though strong, independent and smart, the Afghan is normally shy and sensitive to reprimand aggressive, so you should be trained with kindness. Pulls guide and shrill commands should be avoided, but conduct a gentle and firm discipline is recommended. Training for obedience reinforce their confidence and enhance communication with the owner who must control his rebellious temperament.
The Afghan can be a wonderful company, suitable for a stylish living. However, many people are driven by the appearance without the care needed to understand with coat, gentle exercises and continuous training. According to Afghan Rescue Committee USA is common Afghans are abandoned or run away for refusing to obey their masters with the hair or get completely embarrassed and ill-treated. Before opting for a Afghanhound, you should carefully consider the time available to take care of this exotic canine company.

GENERAL APPEARANCE - give the impression of strength and dignity, combining speed and force. The head carried high. Oriental expression is typical of the breed. The look of the Afghan is distant and seems to see through people.
PROPORTIONS - (standard does not comment).
TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR - aloof and dignified, with some courage and determination.

Skin - (standard does not comment).
Hair - long and very fine texture in the ribs, limbs and flanks. In mature dogs, the hair is short and dense over the entire top line.
COLOR - all colors are accepted.
SIZE - Height at withers: males from 26.77 to 29.13 inches and females from 24.8 to 27.17 inches.
- Length: (default not comment).
- Weight: (standard not comment).
Skull - long, not too narrow with prominent occiput, well balanced topped by a long tuft.


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