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African Greys - How to Prepare and Care For Your New Parrot

Updated on June 13, 2012
A typical African Grey
A typical African Grey

Are You Really Ready?

I know personally that African Greys are a huge handful and commitment, so please put a ton of thought into purchasing one before you take the big step. Lets start with learning the facts. An African Grey is a type of parrot that originated from the Congo in Africa. These highly intelligent birds are very popular for parrot lovers in America. They are mostly known for their very big word vocabulary of around 2000 words. These amazing parrots can mimic several voice and many sounds. Another reason they are so popular is because not like most parrots they know what the words they mimic mean. Although it is debating if they are the most intelligent bird in the world, they are absolutely one of the smartest.

What They Need

Now that you know what the African Grey is, it’s time to learn what they need as a pet. Like all parrots, African Grey’s need a lot of attention. Although they are as smart as a human 5 year old, they have the emotional intelligence of a 2 year old. If not taken out or even talked to every day, the parrot can squawk and learn not to like you. If not given attention, they will pluck their own feathers or even not eat. African Grey’s also need to bathe at least once a week. There are several ways to do this. You can buy a spray bottle and simply mist the bird or you can clean them in the sink. Most birds prefer to be misted though.

Remember to invest in a ton of toys!
Remember to invest in a ton of toys!


African Grey’s have a very complex diet. If African Grey’s don’t get the vitamins and nutrients they need, they will become sick or even die! Grey’s should have a mix of fruit and nuts plus bird pellets. Fresh fruit should be given to them everyday for vitamins. Most Grey’s love grapes so they should be given regularly. You can buy birdseed and nuts at any pet store. Bird pellets can also be bought at any pet store. Bird pellets are man-made and give the bird a lot of nutrients plus most birds love them. Vitamins in their food will help their feathers by making them shiny and healthy looking, helps their immune system, and even helps their beak become strong and healthy. The birds diet is a big responsibility and if you want an African Grey and you need to commit to feeding them right.

A Healthy Seed Mix
A Healthy Seed Mix

To Sum It Up

Now that you know all about African Grey’s are you ready for one? Can you take the responsibility? Buying an African Grey is a life commitment since they live up to 75 years. Do some research and talk to some breeders. If you think you have the time than buying one is a great idea. I speak from experience when I say they are truly great birds.

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