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Aiptasia X - Red Sea

Updated on September 26, 2012

Kill Those Aiptasias

Aiptasia X by Red Sea is a great chemical solution in ridding your marine aquarium of aiptasia (Aiptasia sp.) and majano anemones. If you have the problem, simply fill the syringe with Aiptasia X, turn off all of your pumps and powerheads, and get to work. The idea here is to allow the anemone to eat the white chemical formula instead of drowning it, which is a mistake most marine aquarists' make. The anemone has to eat the chemical.

Aiptasia X works by killing the anemone on the both the molecular and cellular level of its composition whereby it dissolves the pest internally and simultaneously prevents it from releasing its planulas or "anemone spores", as I call them, into the water. When these spores are released, they float into the water column, settle, and grow into new anemones and you do not want that. Also, when you drown the anemone with Aiptasia X, the anemone becomes stressed and will release its planulas.

The video below in this article correctly shows how to administer Aiptasia X. I have found this method of killing aipatasia and majano anemones to be highly effective than peppermint shrimp and buying a copperband butterflyfish. I have bought a raccoon butterflyfish and this fish does eat aiptasia anemones but he takes forever in ridding a whole rock of aiptasias the size of a softball. I noticed that the raccon butterflyfish will nip on one aiptasia and then another one and sometimes the fish will eat the entire thing and spit out brown liquid from its mouth after swallowing the aiptasia whole.

Some Aiptasia X did get on my green zoanthid corals, as that is the rock I am treating, an aiptasia and zoa rock, but the aiptasias are dead and gone and the zoanthids are okay. Its quite fun too to fill up the syringe and administer Aiptasia X on those pesky aiptasia anemones, try it, you'll thank me later and if you really want your reef aquarium aiptasia free, then Aiptasia X is a great chemical solution for your aiptasia problem.


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