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Akita Pictures

Updated on March 20, 2008

One of the Prettiest Akita Pictures Ever

Akita pictures really show off the dignity and beauty of this beautiful dog breed. The Akita dog breed is from Japan, and is Japan's only large dog breed. Akitas are used as hunting dogs. They are used to hunt big game, such as bears and wild boars.

Have fun browsing through the beautiful pictures of Akita dogs, including Akita puppy pictures. Be careful, though, you may be tempted to add an Akita dog to your household after seeing these Akita pictures.

Akita Pictures - Click on the Thumbnails to See Full Size Akita Pictures

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Watch the 8 Week Old Akita Puppy Fight With a Bowl- Cuter Than It Sounds

Akita Puppy Pictures - Click on the Thumbnails to See Larger Akita Puppy Pictures

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    • profile image

      Ellen 5 years ago

      My neighbor owns an female Akita 2 years old the dog runs loose all the time, I would walk my female Lhasa Apso on a leash, I was always being chased by the Akita, wanted to fight my female Lhasa who is 13. One time the dog chased my dog up my driveway the owner would not even get out of his truck to get his dog. I had enough of being harassed by this dog. I had to call Animal Control.

    • profile image

      Gustavo 5 years ago



    • profile image

      Amber 6 years ago

      I just adopted an aussie sheperd/akita mix. She is not only beautiful, but very smart. She is ten weeks old and housebroken, however, she is teething and is chewing on anything available to her. She is wonderful with my 15, 14 & 8 yr old kids. We live in Alaska and she is a blessing to our outdoor loving family ! Akita's have my vote for a loving household dog/family member !

    • profile image

      Swiffer 6 years ago

      I have an Akita cross, wonderful breed of dog! So intelligent when they want too be and cheeky the other times, he is great with our 3 year old daughter, it's as if he knows how much she means to u's and looks after her aswell. They don't play unsupervised but I'm sure they could.

    • profile image

      Saki 6 years ago

      Hey guys I have just bought 2 American Akita pups named Kami and Kai both male brothers the lady I bought them off told me that you shouldn't have 2 brothers as they will fight aggressive with each other. Is that right

    • profile image

      Sydney 6 years ago

      I really like the dog akita, but I started to love it when I watched the movie Hachiko.

    • profile image

      Michael B 6 years ago

      I grew up with 2 akitas. One was the grandson of a grand champion and the other was a pinto. Many people were intimidated by the bark, but they were the most loving and caring dogs ever. The male was trained to be an agressor, a watch dog, and he watched over the family business at night. Ay home, he was a big baby who just wanted to cuddle. One time when I was about 10, I was playing very rough with him and he snagged me on my arm with his tooth. He cowered down knowing he was wrong, but it was merely an accident. Just the fact that he accidentally hurt me and knew hed done wrong without even being yelled at was amazing. Trying to say theyre dangerous breeds? cmon now, hed of got me if he was dangerous. The female was the biggest baby ever, all she wanted was love and attention.

      Both of my dogs grew old and died around 12 years old, and when they did was a very sad time. Akitas are more like a brother, sister, or son or daughter than they are just a pet. They will stay by your side and be there when you need them. They sense when ur down and comfort u. If you think you know something about akitas and uv never owned one, then dont think cause ur probably wrong.

    • profile image

      laura 6 years ago

      hi i love ur pics. i myself own two american akitas- Chang is 6yr and Skya 7 weeks. Akitas are the best of breeds. I have owned staffie's and can honestly say I will only ever own akitas again, I have 3 kids and I trust my dogs with their lives. People need to realise its how the dog is trained and cared for that will determine its temprament, not the just breed itself. Akitas are the best.

    • profile image

      Sali 6 years ago

      well said, it's people that cause the problem, not the dog's.

      I have seven dog's all of different breed's, very large to small, all play well together all well behaved with other animals, cats, children ect. Have also seen Akita and pitbull playing well together. Any dog, no matter what breed can be a problem if not brought up correctly, they need to know their boudries just like kids, otherwise they run around out of controll. I think in most cases it's not bad animal, just bad people.

    • profile image

      ed 6 years ago

      I owned dogs my whole my last was a golden for 15 yrs. My Akita is as gentle with my family as the golden. I have a 8 pound cockapoo an he takes the Akita treats some times and the dog lets him. He is a gentle and loving dog, so if you don't know what your talking about keep your mouth shut. I know its hard but try. People make the dog mean not the dogs fault you jackass!

    • profile image

      mad 7 years ago

      these pics are adorable i want an akita

    • profile image

      Allie 7 years ago

      anyone who has never owned an akita SHOULd stop dissin (missy :D). I have a 9 y/o akita named Alexis Sasha but we call her Lexi. She is the cutest and sweetest dog i've ever met, let alone owned. My family sticks to big breeds (now we have a Fila Brasileiro and an American Akita), and while the Fila is more savage, lexi is great with kids, and they love petting her giant head. Anways, your akita is beautful (the glasses really help with the amount of knowledge all akitas share :D ) and generally, Akitas are great dogs with thier own personalities! thanx :)

    • profile image

      Todd 7 years ago

      The Akita is the quintessential dog. Loyal, obedient, strong and intelligent. People who criticise the 'Akita' are misinformed and by and large ignorant. I now have my secong one. He is just shy of 5 months old and already 35kgs in weight. At puppy training other dog owners move away (a fear factor). When I introduce him to them they realise that is he is just a big docile cuddly pup who wants to socialise and play with people and other dogs. My buddy, my child, my protector and my joy!

    • profile image

      caz 7 years ago

      i have a 1 year old akita and she is the best dog iv ever had she always protecs my children she would never bit they are actully brought up to proctect children in japan not only for hunting so why dont people do some home work on the bread before the slag them off

    • profile image

      missy 7 years ago

      If you have never owned a Akita, quit dissing. They are the best breed of dog you can ask four, cause I've owned two and they were protective with great temperaments.

    • profile image

      lil m 7 years ago

      i had an akita

    • profile image

      spammer 7 years ago

      Come see my War Zone V 1.2 Place in roblox

    • NamVetRich profile image

      NamVetRich 7 years ago from Springfield Oregon

      Great pics, I have started to write about Keiko (in Japenese the word means peace) I got her from two fellows in northern California who raised Akitas. She passed away last year was almost 14 years old. Akitas are one of the smartest breed of dogs in the world and surely the loyaliest. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics, Bravo on your Hub.

    • profile image

      Alex Akita 7 years ago

      If you don't beleive akitas are loyal dog read this story

      Hachiko was brought to Tokyo in 1924 by his owner, a college professor named Hidesamuro Ueno. Each day, when Ueno left for work, Hachiko would stand by the door to watch him go. When the professor came home at 4 o’clock, Hachiko would go to the Shibuya Station to meet him.

      Though this simple act alone shows a tremendous amount of loyalty, that’s not the end of it: The following year, Ueno died of a stroke while at the university. Hachiko didn’t realize that he was gone, and so the dog returned to the train station every single day to await his master. He became such a familiar presence there, in fact, that the station master set out food for the dog and gave him a bed in the station. Even so, Hachiko never shifted loyalties –every day at 4 o’clock, he hopefully waited by the tracks as the train pulled in, searching for his best friend’s face among the people getting off.

      Hachiko’s love for his master impressed many people who passed through the station, including one of Ueno’s former students, who became fascinated by the Akita breed after seeing Hachiko. He discovered that there were only 30 Akitas living in Japan, and began to write articles about Hachiko and his remarkable breed, turning the world’s most loyal dog into a household name, and creating a resurgence in popularity for the Akita.

      Hachiko died in 1935, after 10 long years of waiting for his master. But the dog would not be forgotten –a year before his death, Shibuya Station installed a bronze statue of the aging dog, to honor its mascot. Though the statue was melted down during World War II, a new version was created in 1948 by the son of the original artist. Go to the station now, and you’ll be able to see the bronze statue of Hachiko – still waiting, as ever, for his master to come home

    • profile image

      Buddy The Akita 7 years ago

      I think the person above is right about akitas and how sometimes a little Chihuahua can be worse than an akita. I think akitas are getting a bad reputation because people act stupid and don't train there akita and know that its not right to have a akita run loose and what not

    • profile image

      gjhgjbghg 7 years ago

      I dont think it is right to go dissing an akita because of its ancestry. all dogs come from wolves and even chihuahaus have wolves in them. i have a akita mix and he doesnt even guard.

    • profile image

      alvin  7 years ago

      I have two male akitas brothers 2nd set first two dogs were american akitas very loving and loyal short haired the two i have now are long haired japanse akitas great terment very large powerfull dogs geratest dog ive every own

    • profile image

      laura 7 years ago

      akitas are so cute

    • profile image

      Akita17 7 years ago

      I love the breed(Akitas)!

      Cherry Blossom Festival in Cupertino California in April 2010......hope to see you all there!!

    • profile image

      Michal 7 years ago

      dogs are super

    • profile image

      Tim 8 years ago

      I have a 5yr old Akita and she is the best dog I've ever owned.But little stubborn and very protective of the family.

    • profile image

      Gary 8 years ago

      I love Akitas, on my 3rd Akita, the smartest and most caring dogs you can own

    • profile image

      kev 8 years ago

      hey im curently studyin to be a vet in sligo collage of further education. im very interested in all dog breeds but akitas are one of my favorite breeds and one day i hope to be a sugsessful akita there any tips or comments i need to take into concideration?. . .how can i make my akita and my (akitas) into a show winner?. . . .what would there best features be and how can i achieve this?

    • profile image

      Ray 8 years ago

      I'm glad everyone loves the photos of the animals. The hub looks great. The general problem with perception of these dogs is a lack of information. Loved the line about Helen Keller. That's classic funny. If you are wanting an Akita puppy, know that its going to take a little more work. You might check some of the independent sources of training and breeding information.

    • profile image

      kim 8 years ago

      My female Akita Marley is truely the most loyal dog i have ever owned.She is great with my grandkids and very protective.She IS a hunter.We live in the woods and heaven help any animal that she catches up with!(wild animal that is)Squirrels,possums,armadillos and raccoons don't have a chance!She will chase deer,but shes never caught up with one.She is the best companion that my husband and I could have hoped for.She will sit on our front porch like a guard looking from side to side,waiting for any kind of movement,protecting US!Someone dumped her out in the woods and left her,she found us.She was real skinny and real hungry.Our gain,their loss.She is definitely part of our family!!!

    • profile image

      tinklbery 8 years ago

      ignorant people make me so mad !!!!!!!!!! dogs do what they r trained 2 do and if it attacks somebody the owner should be blamed not the dog and as for onlookers comment 6 months ago i think that ou should be muzzled!!!

    • profile image

      Wolverine 8 years ago

      onlooker says:6 months ago

      Dangerous dogs should be not be allowed loose in parks or public places. Albeit it is normally the owner that is the issue, these dogs naturally hunt. Numerous stories about them attacking children and ripping other dogs to pieces should be muzzled at a minimum. Talk about cute all you want but there is a sinister natural side to this type of breed

      Sorry needed to reply to the ignorant person above, all dog breeds by nature hunt, but if a deaf, dumb, blind girl ( Helen Keller)can live with an Akita then if you don't provoke it so should you .

    • profile image

      AkItA 8 years ago

      i used to own an akita and even as my dad said they are the most obidient loyal protective and sensitive dogs ive ever had. people shouldnt tlk about this breed of dogs unless theyve had one or own one people always say mean things about like evry dog but its not the dogs fault its how the owner trains it and takes care of it like if the owner hits it it is most likely to be mean but if the owner treats it right and gives him or her rewards for being good and discipline for being bad but not abusing it then the dog is most ikely to be loyal and sincere so........ IF U DONT HAVE ONE U SHOULDNT TALK ABOUT IT IN A MEAN WAY!!! thank u and this site has the most beautiful pics on it

    • profile image

      Sara 8 years ago

      As an owner of a 3 your old and a 1 year old Akita. I say these dogs are amazing. Yes as some of you might know the Akita breed is used for hunting but they can also be trained to be house dogs. A lot of people won't buy these dogs because they think the Akita breed is agressive. Well, I say, there is no point in having a... thousand dollar home security system when you can own one of these dogs! If Some were to knock on my door right now my 3 year old would start barking, I'd hold her collar go to the door, an open it. If it is someone I want to talk to I tell her it's ok an she stops barking.... very obedient in my opinion. I would recommend this breed of dog to anyone :)

    • profile image

      trish 8 years ago

      as the owner of an 8 yr old akita, i really must defend the breed!!! they are the most beautiful loyal dogs ever ( not just cute puppies ). Yes, they are natural hunters, as is every dog. If a dog is correctly trained and respected then it poses no threat to anyone watsoever. plain and simple dog ownership rules. They are not an aggressive breed, quite the contrary actually. They are extremely stubborn but that is more down to laziness, they cant be bothered unless a tasty treat is nearby. Unless you have actually owned one then please dont slate the breed as you clearly know nothing about them !!!

    • profile image

      mark 8 years ago

      yes dogs are wild animals. But they can be taught different. With love and discipline and hard work any dog can be anice addition to any family. Yes there are dogs who attack for no reason or just go crazy.Then they blame the breed. Now they wanna eliminate the pit bull , in some cities they shoot them on site because of there history if thats the case then they should shoot humans on site for their history. The diiference is we have the ability to know right and wrong yet we commit more crimes and killings more than any animal in history.

    • profile image

      Sinthia 9 years ago

      I love these dog pictures and i think that they are ADORABLE!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Stephanie P. 9 years ago

      That puppy was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think their amazing animals.I am an animal lover. when my dog died I cried for 3 weeks .

    • profile image

      onlooker 9 years ago

      Dangerous dogs should be not be allowed loose in parks or public places. Albeit it is normally the owner that is the issue, these dogs naturally hunt. Numerous stories about them attacking children and ripping other dogs to pieces should be muzzled at a minimum. Talk about cute all you want but there is a sinister natural side to this type of breed

    • profile image

      BELL 9 years ago


    • Angela Harris profile image

      Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA

      Stacie, wow, your new picture looks great. Get a dog, you won't regret it!

      Whitney, I didn't know that about these dogs. I did know that they were strong-willed. I guess that's the same thing. We have a friend that has a Husky/Malamute cross. He is so sweet and pretty well-trained, EXCEPT he eats the entire yard, literally. Trees and all.

      Thanks, Funride!

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 9 years ago from Portugal

      Beautiful dogs! I never knew this dog breed, thanks for the lesson ;)

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      Cute pictures. But Akitas, Huskies, and Malamutes, are 3 dogs I don't think I'd ever go search for. They're even more stubborn than bully breed dogs.

    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle

      I love these pictures. They make me want to get a dog.