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Alaskan Malamute Snowy Cute

Updated on December 9, 2017

So beguiled cozy and Alaskan Malamute so thrilled. the Snow and licks love at first sight no tricks

One was named Snowball.

High up another bark call.

His dog collar was sparkling

holiday red silk ties

Her dress she wore full of bows

anything goes

She was the tasty morsel how it shows

The humans around the fire special dog

what a pedigree dog missing at the Mall

All they wanted to play with balls

They hope they find him fruit was put out all

Red but dog festive dog toys just want

to have fun boys and girls

She goes every "Thursday" target practice

Like the police playing card game with dice

The bark and hound like a silencer

not making a sound so territorial

Another dog visited his name was

Russell snap of a bite pictorial

English bulldogs like Harry Potter war hogs

But it was a cozy dog tail holiday all breeds

and Parents with eggnog fairytale

How opposites attract give them a bone

They will keep coming back

So loving and growing beguiled by them

She sewed something for the holiday

Sled ride them

fancy dog trimmed the light very inviting dim

Had the perfect upbringing the masters so Scrooged

She didn't have the time to put on her cheeks

Chanel bark left a mark

down the mall who let the dogs out just pray

rouge went all over not 4 leaf clover day

dogs with a nod she cooking something ironclad

She's always near her big bark

I pod Oh! God

And Yorkie Zoe always licks

my toe's Alaskan husky bites my best

groom shoe's the Maltese plays a game

so spoiled with my niece not very nice

Good boy dog top of the bark treat

Red Robin always sings to his beat

Doggy guest on another quest

Cartoon Peanuts and Snoopy

in the snow with the sled shouldn't

he be sleeping in his dog bed

Mr. Jacques what a Chef so good

of dog treats just ruff, ruff

Miss "Poodle Frenchie"

needs to Ketchup

And rollover like Beethoven but this lady

had it her head is always near the oven

What nice mitts around then were adopted


Going on the plane you couldn't rest or read

Pups of seven adopted by a little Deb

almost eleven another one so brute

But this is the American German Shepard

Moms in the kitchen making Shepards pie

I (Sir) prise the enticing sunrise she with

her cultured pearl beads were twirled

Tasty bone and Girls best friend her I phone

Reluctantly thinking dogs constantly barking

'The Good idea" Miss Cleopatra ha ha

she acts like a cat her box sly fox

Do they love balls and bones and what?

I tune of songs

Love to love them constantly

Men's best friend hands and paws

Dogs just jump big licks in your face

Famly and friends and dogs

to never erase pictures really help

they found the dog

All hugs more hugs Alaskan Malamute

so cute

The Celebrity what bark of mutiny dog to be unleashed so perished my four leg friends like the bark diaries

Her canine hot nose tip of credentials such potential

I felt like this was an undercover but all the dog did

was what?

He was happy so glad just to be rolled over

He needed his mother and his other brothers

Those orphaned dogs got these bad habits

Eating everything soup to barking nuts magical act of

white snowy rabbits of yummy carrots

One was the millionaire mutt thought he was

fancy feast cat like a pup climbing

into her laptop

What happens to his master Sugar coated Pop

Like a puff of fur on top of Miss Cereal

licks of Cocoa pop he got sick

Rushed to the hospital the Nurse

of a bulldog what a nagging ladybug

The healthy bark the car "Vet" said he would

get better with her hug

When the star's in the movie role lick

Santa's bag

The dogs had another snag they jumped for another bone

Nothing was left the ring near the phone doggy sniff introduction

Dogs so full of affection all clever reaction

Alaskan huskies and cute puppies they

were so therapeutic the celebrities of the magazine so

doggy poetic

Those puppy eyes you couldn't resist

He was meant to be the top one

on her list just get some sleep to rest

Those Little Huskies got my scholarship. Just some smart licks I won his heart no test

Cute as a button but the love comes so heart warming just need a bark a gimmick of humming

© 2017 Robin Carretti


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    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 6 weeks ago from Hightstown

      Thank's you made me laugh so hard you're so kind like a machine gun Ha LoL so funny. I see you have a dog I love dogs so does my son

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 6 weeks ago from Olympia, WA

      I love your style and a machine gun of words, sprayed all about, but all connected by an invisible fiber.