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What Is the Best None Shedding Anti Allergy Dog Breed?

Updated on April 4, 2019

So what is the best none shedding dog breed?

In my eyes, it's a Coton Du Tulear. Posh name, huh? Never heard of it? Well, its not a well known breed but they truly are the best friend you could ever have. I'm lucky enough to own one, Toby, and he's 5 years old.

What makes them so great?

Well I'll go through it all in this article for you, enjoy!

Meet Toby, this is him at around 14 weeks old
Meet Toby, this is him at around 14 weeks old

The Origin Of The Coton de Tulear

Coton's originate from a city called, Tulear, in Madagascar. They are thought to have come from a breed of white dog that were shipwrecked and had to swim across the Madagascan ocean. How true this is I don't know, my Toby will not swim! He loves to paddle but as soon as his feet don't touch the floor he goes into panic mode, so I very much doubt he would make it across an ocean. But who am I to dispute Wikipedia.

What Does A Coton De Tulear Look Like?

Gorgeous is the easy answer. But ,they are white in colour, they may have a few darker patches, of lemon or brown, but tend to be white on the whole. Their fur is so soft, hence the name Coton, its more like a fluffy cotton ball than wiry hair. They have a big black nose, big gleaming dark eyes, and a long haired tail that curls over their back. Basically they look like a cloud with eyes and a nose. Males tend to grow no larger than 35 cm high, and females no more than 30cm high, so they still fit comfortably on your lap.

What Type Of Personality do Coton De Tulears Have?

Coton's have the best temperament, my biggest praise I can give this breed is that they are so adaptable, they are happy to do anything you want, travel in the car with no issues, go on strenuos walks, stay in bed all day, be with anyone young or old. They truly are amazing, they just want to be with you, and do whatever you are doing. They are playful, affectionate, funny, and intelligent, great with children and other animals. They are generally quiet dogs but they do have a big bark in them.

Grooming A Coton De Tulear.

There are 2 types of Coton grooming.

Firstly we'll do an overview of a long haired Coton. A Cotton's fur will grow long to the floor, resembling a doogle dog, which given that they are white, takes a lot of time and dedication to keep their coat in good condition. Daily grooming, regular baths and being very careful to chose clean places to go for walks. This is how Coton De Tulear's should be if they are going to be shown in a competition. Their hair will often cover their eyes completely, which some owners then tie in a hair band to enable them to see. I absolutely love the look of a long haired coton, but you need a lot of time and patience and conditioner to keep it looking gorgeous.

Secondly the groomed version of a Coton, where you have the fur cut or shaved. The usual style is short in the body and long in the tail, ear and jaw length varies with each stylist. This is how I keep my Toby dog. We still have to brush his tail, ears, legs and body to stop it from knotting, but only once a week, rather than daily. Toby doesn't particularly love being groomed but if he gets a treat during and at the end then it's acceptable to him.

This is my Toby with his short groom.
This is my Toby with his short groom.
This is a Long Haired Coton
This is a Long Haired Coton

How Much Do Coton De Tulear's Cost?

Well, it varies, from country to country.

In the U.K you can expect to pay £1200 for a pure bred Coton De Tulear.

In the U.S they vary from $2000 up to $4000. So they are pretty pricey.

Or you can do what we did and find a breeder that has a slight cross in the mix, Toby is 1/8th Lhaso Apso. Which means he cant be shown as a pure bred Coton, but still has all the same characteristics, he's Anti Allergy and none molting and came at less than half the price of a pure bred.

So Why Are Coton De Tulear's The Best Anti Allergy, None Shedding dogs?

  1. They are the best friend you will ever have.
  2. They will adapt to every situation without stress.
  3. They are fantastic with other animals and with children.
  4. They don't shed any hair, so you can keep the house and your clothes looking spotless.
  5. They are loving, cute, sociable, obedient, eager to please, and quick to learn.
  6. They aren't too big or boisterous.
  7. They are simply the best!

Mud Fun
Mud Fun
This is Toby before his first hair cut!
This is Toby before his first hair cut!
He's just so gorgeous
He's just so gorgeous
Amongst the bluebells
Amongst the bluebells

Well I hope this was helpful to you.

Informing you a bit more about this amazing breed of dog. If you ever meet one or have one of your own give them a big squidge from me!

© 2019 Michelle


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