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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Hamsters

Updated on August 3, 2013
A Teddy Bear Hamster was my very first exotic pet way back when.
A Teddy Bear Hamster was my very first exotic pet way back when.
You will find that Hamsters are very inquisitive.
You will find that Hamsters are very inquisitive.
Teddy Bear Hamsters Are Just So Cute And Cuddly.
Teddy Bear Hamsters Are Just So Cute And Cuddly.
Black Bear Hamsters are an offshoot of Teddy Bear Hamsters and have been around since 1985.
Black Bear Hamsters are an offshoot of Teddy Bear Hamsters and have been around since 1985.
Black Bear Hamsters are so cute.
Black Bear Hamsters are so cute.
Black Bear Hamsters are quite the conversation starter.
Black Bear Hamsters are quite the conversation starter.
Black Bear Hamsters really do look like little Black Bears.
Black Bear Hamsters really do look like little Black Bears.

A Teddy Bear Hamster was my very first exotic pet about 40 years ago. Way back then only Teddy Bear Hamsters were available in our area and it wasn't long before I had a whole collection of them.

Teddy Bear Hamsters are really angora or long haired hamsters. The female Teddy Bear Hamster typically will have shorter hair than the male. You can find males that look like little poofy balls of fur. Male Teddy Bear Hamsters usually have a skirt of hair around their back sides.

Black Bear Hamsters are a off shoot of Teddy Bear Hamsters. The color variation was discovered in 1985 and the argument can be made that Black Bear Hamsters are really nothing but black teddy bear hamsters. Black Bear Hamsters were originally bred for their docile nature and larger size. They are usually larger than your average Teddy Bear Hamster.

You should feed your hamsters commercial hamster food , small amounts of grains , fruits or vegetables and timothy hay. Your hamsters treats should not be over 10 percent of its total food intake.Never feed your hamster chocolate or caffeine as it can kill your hamster.

Your hamster will escape if it is possible in any way. The best cages I have found for hamsters is the commercial hamster houses made of molded plastic that you can just keep adding to. But you can use an aquarium with a secure top for your hamsters new home.

Fresh water and fresh food should always be available for your hamster. Gravity water bottles work best for giving your hamster water. If you use a bowl or other container to water your hamster from be sure to give the hamster plenty of clean water all the time. And be sure that it stays clean.

Your average household temperature that works for you will work for your hamster but be sure that your hamster is not in direct sunlight or in a drafty area.

You Can Not Keep Adult Hamsters Together

You can not keep adult hamsters together in the same cage or enclosure. If you do they will fight and kill one another. If you are breeding hamsters take her to him and watch them carefully especially for the first few minutes until you are sure they are going to breed and not fight. You can leave her with him for 4-6 hours and they will probably breed several times during this time period. Then take her back to her cage or enclosure and make a date on your calender. In 16-18 days she will give birth and other than being sure to provide her with plenty of food and clean water there is nothing for you to do until the little guys are ready to be moved away from their mother at 28 days of age. Hamsters can have as many as 20 babies in one litter but the average is 8-10 babies.

Tell Us All Your Hamster Story Or Comments

Do you have a hamster as a pet?  Why not scroll down below to the comment section and tell us your own hamster story. What kind of hamster do you have. I really would like to hear your comments or your hamster story below.

The ultimate hamster care guide for beginners!

Pet Rodents : How to Care for a Hamster

Some Important Hamster Notes

Their teeth continue to grow all their lives so you want to be sure that each hamster you have has its own mineral block to chew on.I also provide each of mine a hardwood block of wood to chew on. Keep in mind hamsters are nocturnal so your bedroom is probably not the best place for your hamster cage or enclosure. They do make noise chewing , playing and exercising.

I use hardwood shavings in the bottom of my hamster enclosures but be sure not to use cedar shavings even though you will see them being sold as hamster or rodent bedding. Cedar shavings can make your hamster sick.

Be sure to provide your hamster with a hiding place like a cardboard or plastic box. Your hamster is going to chew it up in time so plan ahead to replace it when it gets chewed up.

Provide your hamster with a wheel to run and exercise on. I also give mine short pieces of pvc pipe to crawl through. Sometimes I hide their treats in the pipes or in other places in the cage.

When you approach your hamster to pick it up be sure that it sees you. Most hamsters will enjoy being your friend and being handled but use care not to drop them. Its best not to handle pregnant females.

Don't Buy A Hamster Until You Learn Everything Possible About Them

I would strongly suggest that anyone thinking of keeping hamsters should first of all find out everything you can about hamsters. Buy a book on hamsters and their care or check one out at your public library. Use Google to do research on hamsters. You can also use Google to find some unique colors of hamsters for sale. But be sure and learn everything you can about hamsters.

Do Your Research:  Before you commit to buying any pet including a hamster, please do your own independent research. Do everything possible to learn everything about hamsters you possibly can before you ever purchase one.

The text on this Hub Page was produced by Thomas Byers for this Hub Page and is not to be copied or used on other sites. Today's date is  Sunday , December 20th , 2009.

Do you own a hamster? Do you have a hamster story? Why not post it now. Also please post your comments , tips , suggestions or questions now. And thanks for rea

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 3 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Surprized they did not fight as Syrians will 99 percent of the time. If you have baby hamsters again do not touch or pay close attention to them until they are at least three weeks old. Try being gentle with her and give her a few treats. Choose a new male carefully. You want to choose one that is gentle.

    • profile image

      lee 3 years ago

      Hi, I bought a pair of syrian hamsters two months ago. I kept them together in a cage and never saw them fight. Until then, the female got pregnant and gave birth last week. I separated the male. But the babies died and the male escaped too! The female had not been eating or playing, she just stayed inside the house. I'm planning on putting another male in the cage but as I've learned, they shouldn't be kept together. But I was confused, when she and the male one was together they were playing and sleeping together. Now that she's alone she doesn't even climb or run or play, she just stayed inside the house. She didn't even eat. Please I need help. I wanted my hamster to be happy, we all do.

    • profile image

      anna 4 years ago

      I have a black bear hamster and a teddy bear hamster and the black bear hamster is a wonderful mom and she has never eaten any of her babies and I'm hoping

    • profile image

      Daija 4 years ago

      My teddy bear hamster's name is Taz his nick name is tazzie he is my first and i fell in love him as soon as i seen him he goes to sleep in my lap stays in my hand when he wants me to get him he'll climb the cage the the door and he's quite the locks smith so when he gets out he goes straight to my grandma

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 4 years ago from East Coast , United States

      You will just have to wait a bit to see. Some hamsters can sleep deeply.

    • profile image

      kevin 4 years ago

      My hamster will not wake up and it does not move its belly so i do not now if she is dead it is a brown teddy bear hamster please tell me

    • profile image

      mommacat 5 years ago

      I have 2 golden teddy bear hamsters and a black bear hamster. the male is the black bear and the girls are the golden ones. They managed to sneek out of the cages on different nights( friggin houdinis) and mated so now one of them gave birth and iwas thinking it was going to be stressful with babies but i am in love with the no fur bodies.. so far i have at least 8-10 babiesand i couldn't be more proud, but i need to figure out how to keep them from getting out and getting to each other. i cant figure out how they got out to start with

    • profile image

      Rikki 5 years ago

      My mom is almost scared From all animals and i barely want a hamster can u help or not if u can please do

    • profile image

      Michael 5 years ago

      I have i black bear hamster(best type ever)named socks because her white paws stand out on her black body,also she looks like shes wearing socks :P.she loves carrots and oatmeal and runs around in her wheel like crazy.she lives in a ten gallon tank by herself and climbs up into the petting attachment i put into the tank and paws at the door all day when i'm in the room XD.not only does it look like she wears socks but she wasn't sleeping in her house so i put a sock in the cage thinking of a pun and she loved it and now sleeps in it a lot.Its my hamster story =]

    • profile image

      Ed 6 years ago

      I have a wonderful black bear hamster named Teddy. He is very affectionate and never had bitten me once. I had several hamsters in the past which were affectionate also, but Teddy is the most enjoyable hamster i had ever owned. I just wish that hamsters life span would be much longer. Its sad to see when their time is up. I give Teddy the best food and his own bottle of spring water. Even though, i have noticed that Teddy is getting older, i hope that he will stay with me just a little longer.

    • profile image

      Rissa 6 years ago

      I have a female black syrian hamster and a beige male syrian hamster.

      The female is older and is very friendly. Her name is Loki as she used to be mysterious.

      The male is called Fluffy (my sister is 4 :P) and is friendly but wary.

      Both offspring of previous hamsters.

      Fluffy escaped very young and we couldn't find him for 3 weeks, convinced he was dead, until we found him in blanket closet.

      We use clean, unused, white paper for their bedding, along with edible hamster fluff.

      I keep a ball of wool in each cage, along with empty mini cereal boxes. This keeps them entertained.

      We keep them in the sitting room as there is no window in there and is warm enough.

      I also let them play on the stairs for an hour each day and they love this.

      On a dry day I let them play in the garden, putting obstacles around for them.

      They love to eat the likes of fruit and veg. They prefer that over hamster food.

      We had a female Russian Dwarf hamster, Missy, who died two months ago, and fearing Loki would kill her, we kept them well separated. But my sister let them play together when we weren't in the room and instead of fighting, they formed a friendship. Loki wouldn't eat much for two weeks after Missy died.

      She just sat and sometimes whinned.

      But after a while she brightened up again.

      My hamster story :P

    • profile image

      durr_nikole 7 years ago

      i have a female and a male teddy bear hamster n they r in the same cage..they get along fine they dont even mate with each other

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      You can keep some species of hamsters in pairs or groups, such as dwarf hamster species, but syrian hamsters should never be housed in groups- always by themselves.

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