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All-purpose automatic pet feeder

Updated on January 28, 2016

All Purpose Pet Feeder

Woof! Woof! cries your favorite pet, early in the morning for food. You are fast asleep due to a late night and wanted to sleep in late, but you need to get out of bed and give food to your favorite pet. No worries, all purpose automatic pet feeder is here. No more you need to spoil your sleep or your pet needs to beg for food.

The automatic pet feeder can be set to measure food and serve to your pet as many number of times in a day you want and each meal can be set to exact amount needed. You can say good bye to coming home to your hungry and stressed pets or early morning wake up calls for your pets. The automated solution creates a relaxed environment for your pet by providing your pet dutifully their meals in schedule whether you are asleep or at home or away from home. The pet feeder has the added benefit of providing a consistency routine to the pets.

The feeder has a refill alert which keeps alerting you with short beeps when the food in the container dips below a certain level. So you don’t need to remember to fill the feeder so that your pet doesn’t go hungry. The feeder would remind you to fill. Isn’t it awesome?

Your pet feeder is also dishwasher proof except the motor of course. So you can get rid of the smell of pet food and oil from the container easily.

Your pet gets complete nutrition because apart from the quality of food, more important is the quantity of the food served which you serve to your pet on daily basis or meal basis. Our beloved pets tend to over eat a lot if given a free hand of food due to which they become over weight thus endangering their lives without knowing. Now keeping a check on the weight of our pets is rather easy as automatic pet feeder measures accurately the amount of food you want to give to your pet for each meal and then provides resulting in happier and healthier pets.

The dispensing system of the pet feeders is reliable and precise to handle any kind of dry pet foods or any size of pet foods. There is no risk of the food becoming jammed in the mechanism or becoming crushed.

The pet feeder comes with a pet proof design so that the food stored in the container cannot be dislodged by the even most determined pets.

The pet feeder works on electric or battery. The pet feeder unit works on electricity. In the event of there being a power outage, then the pet feeder would switch to battery and would remind the owner about the replacement of batteries at intervals.

So now you have a happy and healthier pet at home who doesn’t beg you for food or isn’t stressed out due to hunger when you come back home from work or hasn’t become over weight due to lack of proper nutrition control.


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