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Rescuing a friend for life

Updated on March 14, 2018

Saving the unwanted

Back in September 2015 my wife was scrolling through her Facebook and a certain dog rescue group had posted this huge beautiful what appeared to be senior dog on their page that had been in the shelter for over a month. This handsome fella was running out of time and was in danger of being euthanized and we were NOT going to let that happen! My wife and I discussed the fact that we already had a full house, the extra financial pain it would be and the possibility that this dog could be hiding a hidden illness, but the want to save this fella was infinite so we traveled to the shelter and asked to spend some time with that particular dog and when they brought out this huge, matted underweight, goopy eyed mess of a furry angel he perked right up and ran over to my wife and licked her face all while keeping an eye on me. We were told he was picked up in the city brought in and given basic medical care didn't care too much to be around the other dogs, was not a fan of kids, but enjoyed being around the female employees and was very skittish around the male ones. I noticed while rubbing around his head and neck a healed gash completely around his neck at some point a tight chain or leash was embedded around it. I've been around and have raised dogs all my life it was clear to me this fella had been abused and by his actions, abused by a male. We played with the dog (whose only identification was a number) for about an hour he chased my wife around playfully, licked us endlessly and seemed to be having the time of his life as our time together for the moment drew near we promised him we'd be back and went home to discuss it. You see we already had 2 beautiful female German Shepherds at home and our fear was their safety and happiness. We decided to introduce our girls to the dog at the shelter and see if he would be a good fit. We traveled back to the shelter introduced them one at a time to him. The first time he met them he wasn't happy and he let them know it, but he calmed down and played with them inside his space and everything seemed well. The tech that assisted us said it appeared to be a bad meet and that he didn't think it would work out. A recommendation that went in and out of our ears! We played with him a little more, named him Bear and promised him we would be back. A few weeks later my wife and I traveled back to the shelter and informed them that we wanted Bear. After paying the fee we were now the proud owners of Bear! We went straight to our vet had him tested for everything (we found out he had hook worms AND heart worms and a bad double eye infection) Bear received basic immunizations and medication for the eye infection and we started his treatment for the worms and went on our merry way. A few months later Bear got very sick. He was lethargic, wouldn't move, wouldn't eat and just was not his normal self. We rushed him to the Vet and after testing found out he didn't have cancer (which was our first worry) but appeared to have some auto immune disorder Bear would need an emergency blood transfusion as he lost a lot of blood internally. 2 blood transfusions later, 6 months of going back and forth for checkups on a 2 hour drive and about five thousand dollars spent (we took out a small loan) Bear was finally back to normal. We almost lost the big guy! Over a year later Bear is a happy, loving guy who defends his momma from all the evils in the world, loves his sisters endlessly and still gives me the look, but loves me too! There are so many neglected animals that fill shelters that are running out of time and need our help!!


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