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Aloe Vera Juice for IBS Cat

Updated on February 19, 2011

Cat with Tummy Trouble

Worrying about a cat that vomits after eating or has trouble at the litter box. Your cat may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). My cat developed this condition in her advance years, around the age of 13. My cat started to have frequent episodes of constipation in which she would repeatedly go to her litter box and move her litter around but not pee or poop, moan, and walk around and attempt to poop at different locations around the house. This situation was very distressing for me to watch. After a few days of not pooping, she vomited and stopped eating altogether. The vet diagnosed her with IBS and suggested Aloe Vera Gel to get rid of her stomach inflammation and a diet of higher quality food. There are many drugs for cats with IBS, but I go to a holistic vet and prefer natural cures over harsher medicines when possible.

Aloe Vera Juice Really Works

Despite a healthy diet, an IBS cat will always have episodes of IBS. When my cat gets an episode, I always go to Aloe Vera juice as a good standby way to ease the symptoms. Make sure that you give your cat only Aloe Vera juice with no preservatives. Cats can not handle all the additives that are in most brands of Aloe Vera juice, and some additives are poison to cats. When my little girl has constipation, I give her 3 cc of Aloe Vera juice in the morning and at night. I use a syringe, as she will not drink her water if she senses something has been put in it. Aloe Vera juice usually takes only a day of treatment for her to poop. My cat is very small at 7 pounds, so a bigger cat might need more juice. Aloe Vera does act as a bowel loosener, so you can give more juice during periods of constipation and less as a daily maintenance once the bowels become regular. The juice also addresses the vomiting issue, as it coats the stomach and allows her to feel good about eating.

Aloe Vera juice is easier to give your cat than pills The taste can be tangy, but my cat has never vomited from the juice. It is an unpleasant experience to have things forced down your throat, but my cat does get used to it. Always take your pet to the vet before trying any type of holistic treatment in order to rule out serious health concerns. My story is not meant to replace the advice of your trusted vet. I just wanted to share my story about how Aloe Vera juice has helped improved my cat's quality of life.


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