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An American Bull Dog Named Tony

Updated on June 28, 2009

Tony is full of love

Please take me home??
Please take me home??

Waiting for a Family

As you know, here in Arizona, I try to do what little I can to assist some of the dogs that have been at our shelters for way too long. Sometimes they are larger dogs and sometimes they are older. But, needless to say, they are all loving and deserving of a good home. Please take a look at Tony who is awaiting his forever home. Also, remember, do not buy a puppy from a petstore....they come from Puppymills!! Go to your local shelter and not only find a wonderful pet but save a life in the process!!


Tony not only thinks he is human, but he loves to play fetch with his human pals.

Tony's age is five but he is by no means middle aged! He is an ambitious and spirited American Bulldog who lives for adventure!

Tony has lots of energy and loves to be on the go.

He would love an active pal and also a spacious yard where he can reach top speeds while he plays his favorite game… FETCH! Tony thinks he is a retriever and he could spend hours chasing a ball. He can be stubborn at times and not want to give up the ball after he retrieves it. He would much rather prance around in the grass for a few minutes while he proudly displays the ball that he has just retrieved. He loves to make his human wait while he catches his breath and he decides he is ready to chase the tennis ball again.

Tony also loves a good splash in his doggie play pool that is filled with cool water. He's not a deep water swimmer, but he would appreciate a shallow play pool to cool off in on a warm day.

Come take a look at this beautiful, talented, playful and entertaining fellow and you will fall hopelessly in love.

Tony loves to sprawl out on the couch with his human companion after a day of activity and watch television for the rest of the evening. He is very, very affectionalte and, if given the chance, will give sloppy kisses with that giant bulldog tongue to show his human friends just how much he adores them. (How cute is that???)

Tony can sometimes be a “bully” around other dogs so a dog introduction is required. He sometimes can be too rowdy and may not be a fit for a family with small children. Tony would love to live in a home with adolescent kids however. Tony thinks that “dogs rule,” and he doesn’t appreciate the company of felines so he can’t go to a home where cats reside

Being a big lover, Tony demands lots of attention, and he craves one on one time with his human friends. Also, a home where he can receive firm leadership and a patient human who is dedicated to training would be Tony's ideal.

You can adopt Tony NOW at the Arizona Humane Society’s Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion, 1521 West Dobbins Road in Phoenix. His adoption fee is just $35 because he is a Prime Time dog. This fee includes his neuter surgery, vaccinations, a colorful collar and leash, an AHS I.D. tag, and a free follow-up veterinary examination. For more information about Tony, please call (602) 997-7586 Ext. 1045 and ask for animal ID number A267273 or log on to


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    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 8 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Good luck to Tony. Please write a follow up hub for the dogs you find homes for