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Animal Care: A List for Keeping Your Pet Clean, Healthy and Happy!

Updated on January 26, 2012

Stay organized and make sure your pets are happy with this handy list!

Animal Care: A List for Keeping Your Pet Clean, Healthy and Happy!

In our household, the dog and two feline queens are an important part of the family. You would think that remembering tasks like giving our dog his monthly heart worm pill would be easy enough to handle, but I always seem to forget until half-way through the month! In order to ensure we stay up-to-date on vaccinations, flea medications and annual check-ups, I created a comprehensive list for pet health care. I have divided the list into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. Please note that I have created the list to include care for both dogs and cats.

Animal Care List


  1. Walk dog.
  2. Brush cats.
  3. Scoop litterbox.
  4. Clean food and water bowls (dog and cats).
  5. Vacuum beds with handheld vacuum (helps to control fleas).


  1. Brush dog's teeth.
  2. Brush dog's coat.
  3. Wash bed covers.
  4. Take dog to park.


  1. Apply flea medications (dog and cats).
  2. Stock up on food, litter and supplies.
  3. Give dog heartworm medication.
  4. Give dog a bath.
  5. Trim dog's nails if necessary.
  6. Check outside fence for holes, broken panels, etc.


  1. Take dog and cats for annual check-ups.
  2. Have vet give vaccinations as needed.


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