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Animal Crisis in Oklahoma

Updated on April 22, 2015

Not Enough Hay Due to Drought

We should be having hay in fields, but the drought  is hurting Oklahoma, and endangering horses and other animals.
We should be having hay in fields, but the drought is hurting Oklahoma, and endangering horses and other animals.

Oklahoma in Need of Rain

I am hearing now on the television station here in Oklahoma that farmers and especially those with horses are in trouble. They are running out of hay and our farmers and livestock owners are in desperate need of rain. This is going to be a dangerous drought for these animals. There was mention of those that have horses dumping them on other peoples land to take care of them without asking. That was the subject of my Thanksgiving post on starving horses that I wrote a few days ago. That was not in the state of Oklahoma but Georgia. I would suggest that, if you own land to be watchful that these horses do not get by unnoticed and starve and die on your land. If you find any dumped then call your agencies to get some help. These horses can get in trouble fast and starve without enough food to eat.

If you own horses that you cannot care for, then get some help to place them. Do not abandon them for starvation. If you cannot care for them in this state, then you know that you are not going to get help by dumping them. This can happen to the best of people, but you do not need to make them the victims here. Call the department of agriculture if you need further help, because they certainly helped the starving horses in the state I was in.

I would say that if you have plenty of hay and your over flowing with in other states, then think about trucking some to the Oklahoma farmers in need. They simply do not have enough for their livestock. Years ago, this did happen and farmers in different states helped out each other. I like to see that cooperation among our citizens, and that is what makes the USA a prideful nation. Take a moment and see, if you have dumped animals and keep an eye out on your land. Also, if you have extra hay that you know you can sell or do not need, then help someone. That is what is life is all about.

Save Our Horses......................

As of August 30 we have started to burn in areas of Oklahoma City NE area. They are losing animals and cannot get their livestock or pets out of the barns and out of the fire areas. I watched on television a lady who was asked to immediately evacuate and had to leave her pets. These animals perished. I had to come back in on this article, but we are no longer in just an extreme drought, but now we are on fire. These fires can break out anywhere around the city and the country side. They said anything can spark it including use of machinery, automobile exhaust on top of dry grass. The winds are spreading the fire, and fire fighters have been battling to save homes and people.

Fire fighters are now asking people to stay out of these areas. It impedes the ability to fight the fires and keep people safe. Elementary schools are in danger, and the fire fighters are trying to keep flames away from the school and housing subdivisions. This is severe, and I ask you all to pray for these people that they may not lose their lives, family, or animals. 21 barns have burned, many cars and RV's. Homes have been also lost. Thanks to the helicopters that are trying to fight this fire and to all those of the National Guard who are also trying to help. There is also a grid lock on the interstate of I-40 near Mid West City. They are trying to contain the fire near I-40 and Douglas. They are having grass fires. Many homes are being evacuated until the fires are under control.

The weather conditions and being so dry is causing the fires to rekindle and spread. Take this serious and all those in this area of fire endangerment please evacuate and have a plan to protect you and your families and pets or livestock. We now have more fires breaking out in the state since yesterday.


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    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 6 years ago from United States

      I just updated new information on this article. Oklahoma City is burning in areas. Please pray for our state. We have started burning in areas, animals are losing lives,and people are losing property, and we are now in a grid lock on our interstate at I-4O and Douglas Blvd. They are making mandatory evacuations on some housing sub divisions.

    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 6 years ago from United States

      Day after day the heat is still up and soaring, and the grass looks toasted. The only thing I noticed thriving is insects, but I am hearing about 28 or 29 states are also suffering this extreme heat and drought conditions. Wild fires are breaking out, and we all seek rain. Will it ever come?

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Ladybluewriter, we are having the same problem where I's been over 100 degrees for a month, now; and the lows barely get out of the 80's...most of the time; not. My friends down the road have had this happen several times...horses show up tethered to their fence. Right now is a very scary time; too much dry heat; too little water...ponds are drying up and grasses are, too. I underscore your plea;

      If anyone has extra hay; can transport water..whatever, to help animals in distress..please do. I'm going to share this on FB..hopefully; Oklahomans will see it.

      Also, if in trouble; call the state Humane Society or Animal Health Dept. Maybe they can help..also, there are several local radio stations that allow people to call in, live....for help such is needed as you described. OPEN Coffeyville...look up: and click on the OPEN LINE link...there is another station I cannot recall but, should be in 411. People tend to be very helpful w/oneanother in crisis situations here in the Heartland...this is a 'farming' issue..there should be networking in process of set up.

      Good luck