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Animal Rescue to Top Off Thanksgiving Day

Updated on October 25, 2017

Thanksgiving Feast Versus Starvation

Most everyone thinks of Thanksgiving as Turkey Day. Painting by Ed Rodgers  All Rights Reserved Published in my novel- Legacy of the Skull Master.
Most everyone thinks of Thanksgiving as Turkey Day. Painting by Ed Rodgers All Rights Reserved Published in my novel- Legacy of the Skull Master.
Picture of horse rescued.
Picture of horse rescued.
All Rights Reserved by Artist..D.Rodgers
All Rights Reserved by Artist..D.Rodgers
Field of Hay the horses were after.
Field of Hay the horses were after.

Family, Thanksgiving Meal, and Animal Rescue

I remember the Thanksgiving of 2006 very well. I was asked by my oldest son and his family to cook a big meal of turkey, dressing, gravy, and all the good vegetables like garden peas, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, ambrosia, buttered dinner rolls, and then all the good desserts like pumpkin or pecan pie, and lemon cake. By the time you get through cooking all that and sit down to a feast together, then you get all full and want to go and relax and take a nap. Before anyone can get to that state of being full, everyone in the family is asked to share what Thanksgiving means to each one of them, and a prayer is given to bless our dinner.

After the dinner was shared ,and all the food not eaten was stored for safety, then it was time to kick back on the front porch and just relax. That seemed to be good and all , but I lived next to a large 50 foot acreage. I had a deep well, and we felt like we lived on the farm. It was a good feeling but the highway in front of the house was extremely busy. Everyday no less than 100 cars whizzed by my house every three minutes on a double lane highway going back and forth to work. One day I sat down and wrote a poem about the feeling I had watching cars go by. I loved the country, but I did not like the busy highway across from my house. That afternoon my son yelled out at me, and said mother there are horses jumping the fence and running across the highway in front of the cars. We found out that day that we were not the only ones in search of good food. The horses we found out later on had been placed on our landlords property and abandoned. They had been left to eat vegetation and all edible things in the pasture, and when we checked it out, then we found out that the horses were in bad shape. They were weak, malnourished and desperate. There food source was stripped to the bone.

The first thing we had to do was to save the horses, and my family put it as a priority to get done. My boys felt like this was something that must be done. Lives were in jeopardy from the busy highway, and horses had to be gotten back across the highway safely, before they could cause someone to die. My whole family got into the spirit of Thanksgiving, and everyone attempted to help get them back across the road and into the pasture they came from. Thanks to neighbors who owned the farm across the road for helping us. The horses were running across the road to the hay that they saw drying in the field. It was food they did not have. After we got the horses back in the gate, then we had to get immediate help for them. I knew then that I could not let the horses die. There was a little more than a dozen of them plus a couple of folds. All the horses looked sickly and weak and needed food. I was not a farmer, and I called everyone I could. Finally, it took the Department of Agriculture to come out and declare these animals to be in jeopardy. They got a couple of trailers and came in to get the horses. Then they sought to find and fine the owner of the horses. I am not sure how it all came out, but those horses should never have been dumped like that. When looking into what was happening, then we realized that these were the same horses that once were housed on my landlord's property when someone had previously rented the field for their horses. That time the horses were in better shape. We don't know why, four months after a lease was dropped and horses pulled out, that they were dumped back and no money paid to the person owning the land. It made no sense to us, but we knew those horses had to be cared for. It was our Thanksgiving day, but our blessings went into needing the blessings for animals. Life is always a challenge.

The fight was not easy to get Department of Agriculture involved, and no other rescue unit would come out in this situation to deal with a herd of horses, but we did not give up. If I had to I would have bought feed and fed them myself. However, I was warned not to do that because it would make me assume all liability for them. So I pushed and pushed and yes they did come and get the horses. The horses were taken to a farm with medical care and food. So in the next few days, something was done to help the horses. Sad thing was no one could tell me that they would make it. I was really concerned about the little folds that had been born in the field. They seemed to be really weak. It was a crying shame that those horses ever had to suffer. If an owner cannot take care of them, then they need to get them adopted. There is no reason to ever.starve and animal.

We need as citizens to keep an eye out for animals in need of a rescue. You can be their only lifeline, or you can be the difference between life and death for them. One of the characters named Blaze in my book, Legacy of the Skull Master was a rescue animal. When he was rescued over 13 years ago.....he was a bag of bones. His adopting rescuer gave him a good home and he flourished for a long time. He was a handsome stallion. He had his own acreage and loved his family. I hope you read my story and one day my novel, because most of my book is about animals that were rescued. I found them all to be unique and each one has a part in my story. I advocate rescuing animals and providing them good homes.

Blaze , Character in Legacy of the Skull Master

Blaze was a rescue animal, very much loved by his family. Read about him in my science fiction novel, Legacy of the Skull Master.
Blaze was a rescue animal, very much loved by his family. Read about him in my science fiction novel, Legacy of the Skull Master.


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    • Cheryl Wadkins profile image

      lady cherokee 

      5 years ago

      I love this one and unfortunately we see this happen all to often in today's society

    • ladybluewriter profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from United States

      Please take time to share a good time doing something worthwhile. It makes a difference for these animals , when someone takes the time to tell their story.


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