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Animal Right: What is the concept?

Updated on July 20, 2013

Some people are campaign for animal rights and it is difficult to understand what they really mean in the broad sense of such rights. That is if there are specific animals they have in mind or if it encompasses all species of animals. Most importantly animal rights, like human rights, should include the right to life. Therefore, the concept of animal rights in its broadest sense should include an animal’s right to life.

Then the question is how can man welcome such right when man, himself, uses animals as food? It is also possible that those that campaign for animal rights only have Pet animals in mind but they should know that some people use such Pet animals as food. That is to say “another man’s food is another man’s poison.” It is also known that some methods of disease control and eradication involves the slaughter of affected/infected animals. This may seem unfair to the animals in that man do not suffer similar fate. That is to say man is not killed just for the simple reason of “disease control/eradication.” Man will make every effort to save human’s life but same effort is not made to save an animal’s life usually for economical reason except in cases of very valuable Pet animals.

It follows that man can be said to be self centered in his relationship with other species and it should not be surprising because some nations are self-centered in their relationship with other nations. That is to say that some nations are interested in what they can get from any relationship with other nations. Therefore, if man can act in such a way in his relationship with his fellow man, then why should he act differently in his relationship with other animals?

The main idea behind this article is to understand what those that campaign for animal rights have in mind and to let them know how difficult it may be for such rights to be welcomed by all. However, it is obvious that the call for such rights led to humanely slaughtering of animals. It also helped to put an end to the idea of using animals for some experiments. We do not know if that is all those that campaign for animal rights want to achieve or if they want to achieve more but we can understand the reason behind the call if we put ourselves in the position of these lower animals. Only then can we truly assess how well we have done and what more we need to do.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 4 years ago

      "Just like years ago Europeans thought Indians and Africans did not need right." You made a wise comment because it confirmed why slavery was possible. I think we just have to define animal rights in a better terms and not just in support of the pet animals.

    • Que Scout profile image

      Stephen Hodgkinson 4 years ago from Sydney Australia

      Hi David

      I think animal rights is a load of garbage as it is today. Pick and choose we do, to suit ourselves. Some say that a dolphin can think, and a pet dog too, so we will give those animals rights and forget the animals that that are not so smart or not cute.

      Well darn it guys, what makes us think we know what goes on in side the mind of say, a mouse or a moray eel. We do not.

      The plain truth of the matter is animals should be respected. If we need to eat the animal to survive, well that is just a fact of LIFE. However, we should not abuse any animal, not humans, not cows, not mice and certainly not endangered species.

      My comment here hinges on this "pick and choose" mentality of society and I think it is wrong. Just like years ago Europeans thought Indians and Africans did not need rights. We now know better, and later we may know better about other living breathing animals.