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Animals: Amazing Creatures

Updated on January 21, 2015

The Important Bond Between Animals and Humans

Animals are amazing creatures. Not only are animals beautiful because they are creatures of God, but also because they have the ability to make better individuals out of each of us. I have had fish, hamsters, and two rabbits and I have learned valuable lessons from each, especially my latest pet rabbit, for whom I dedicate this article.

I had my rabbit for a wonderful six years. I won her at a carnival and I truly believe that winning her was a miracle. It turned out that she was a little sick but with the help from the vet, she got better and lived a happy life. She was a kind and loving animal and while it may sound silly to some, she had a very kind spirit. Additionally, she was always full of energy.

My rabbit taught me a great deal about life. She taught me that having an animal requires responsibility, love, and even patience. I was dedicated to taking care of Snickers and towards the end of her life, I put her needs before my own. I needed to put my anxiety aside and help her when she needed me the most; when she was sick and found it hard to help herself.

They say that the way a person treats an animal is a good indication of how they treat people and I believe there is a great deal of truth to that. While I admit that sometimes my anxiety can cause me to be selfish, I couldn’t stand knowing that my rabbit needed my help and I was letting anxiety get in the way of helping her. There was a time when she would jump on her cage but not come down and I would worry that if I didn’t help her, she wouldn’t be able to get down on her own. Knowing that I needed to help my rabbit, I took it upon myself to help her.

While some people in the world find it hard to believe, I believe that animals have the ability to love and possibly even understand humans. Even during the time of her death, my rabbit was kind and she never bit me or hurt me in any way. My rabbit taught me that there are times when you need to put others first and also, as hard as something may be, sometimes you still need to pull yourself together and do what’s right.

The day my rabbit died was extremely difficult. I tried to give her water the morning of and she drank very little. By looking at her I could tell that she probably didn’t have long to live. When she passed away I didn’t know if I could bear to look at her, but I knew I owed that much to her, just like I owed it to her to be there for her even when I found it so incredibly hard; I loved her so much and it hurt to see her without the same amount of energy that she once had.

The night before she passed away and the day of, I learned that I was brave enough to handle something that was so difficult for me. While I had loved all my past pets, Snickers was the most memorable and I had her during a time in my life which was most significant. However, even in death, she had a kind spirit and once more I was reassured that there was a God and that He would take care of her.

Animals teach us about ourselves. Pets especially show us who we are and just how much we can help one another. I honestly didn’t know if I could handle losing my rabbit and even as I write this I can feel the pain of losing her, but I know that I did my best to help her and I also know that she is safe now and without pain. I truly believe my rabbit taught me to be brave and to put others before myself. Just as other humans have this capability, animals can make us better people.

Animals and pets need just as much care if not more as humans do. By helping animals you not only help creatures of God, but you also help yourself. Animals have the ability to brighten our day and teach us to be loving, caring people.
Animals and pets need just as much care if not more as humans do. By helping animals you not only help creatures of God, but you also help yourself. Animals have the ability to brighten our day and teach us to be loving, caring people. | Source

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Ways to Get Through Losing a Pet

Losing a pet is never easy and is something that you will never get over. However, there are ways to get through this hard time.

1.) Remember all of the good times you spent with your pet.

2.) Remember that now your pet is in a better place. Even if you are not religious, you can find relief in the fact that your pet is now without pain or sickness.

3.) Tell yourself that you loved your pet and that your pet loved you.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      having a pet at home, i learn to be responsible for her food, caring for her when she is sick and giving her comfort.

    • Breanne Ginsburg profile imageAUTHOR

      Breanne Ginsburg 

      4 years ago

      Thank you so much, btrbell!

    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 

      4 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      So sorry for the loss of your sweet girl. It sounds like she was a great source of comfort to you. Someday you will meet her again at the rainbow bridge.


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