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Animals Eating Weird and Unexpected Things

Updated on July 18, 2014

Sometimes, animals eat things you would have never guessed. Most people with pets - like cats and dogs - have observed them tasting or eating weird stuff like dirt, feces, grass and clothes.

However, in this hub I have tried to collect videos of animals eating things that are really unexpected.

If you know of any other similar videos please leave a comment with a link in order to include them. I will try to update the hub as often as possible.

So without further ado, lets begin:

1. Turtle Eats a Pigeon

In the wild, turtles eat all kinds of things, including plants, insects, snails, worms and dead animals. However, a turtle eating a pigeon is not a common sight as birds can fly and can easily stay out of their way.

I guess the pigeon got carried away and thought the turtle was friendly or something.

2. Cow Eats Baby Chicken

Think cows are vegetarian? Think again! This cow obviously has a taste for chicken. Or not? According to scientists, it's not uncommon for strict herbivores - like cows - to eat other animals when their diet is poor in certain nutrients like calcium or when they are malnutrition. Which brings to our next video:

3. Deer Eating a Bird

At first, we only see a bunch of birds attacking a deer. Few seconds later it is revealed that they simply try to protect their friend from getting eaten! Poor bird :(

But since strict herbivores animals occasionally get a meat-snack, could the opposite be true for strict carnivores?

4. Big Cats Eating Watermelons

Apparently yes! The lions, tigers, leopards and cougars over the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary, Florida not only play but also enjoy eating the watermelons they are given each summer. And according to a few commentators, domestic cats do as well!

However, watermelons aren't the only treat these big cats get each summer:

5. Lion Eating Ice Cream

And for last, we have a video that became an internet sensation when first released. It even hit the news!

6. Pelican Eats a Pigeon

The diet of pelicans primarily consists of fish and occasionally small amphibians and turtles. A pelican eating a pigeon is almost unheard of, although there have been some reports of pelicans eating other birds as well, like ducks.

Finally, I want to conclude this hub with one of my favorite videos. Nothing strange about it, I just felt like sharing it:

Cooper Loves Ice Cream

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  • Ann1Az2 profile image

    Ann1Az2 3 years ago from Orange, Texas

    Animals surprise us sometimes, don't they? I had a dog once that liked grapefruit. I also have a cat now that eats popcorn every once in a while. Interesting hub and voted up.