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Animals In The Philippines

Updated on June 17, 2013

So you heard about the Philippine islands and the way of living in this tropical place got you interested. If you love learning about other places and countries way of living, and maybe animals, here's how it goes in the country on the "Pearl of the East."

Here are commonly seen animals in the land. And most or maybe some of these can also be commonly seen on other countries too.

The act of Filipino tradition, "mano" where the kid put the elderly's back of the hand into his forehead in which a response of "God bless you" would be said.
The act of Filipino tradition, "mano" where the kid put the elderly's back of the hand into his forehead in which a response of "God bless you" would be said. | Source

The house lizard, or the common gecko. This house lizard are commonly seen in the Filipino household and I kinda miss seeing the house lizard. At anytime of the day, I could either hear a lizards sound or see one or two on the ceiling. And another interesting thing about the common gecko is that, they do eat rice too as on some occasions I had spotted a lizard on the table with a rice grain as it climbs back to the walls as I spotted it.

And what could be more interesting about lizards kissing the ground at dusk? Since childhood, I always hear that lizard are polite creatures for doing so. I even remember being told these geckos are much polite than I behave as back then, I was raised and taught by my parents to do the Philippine tradition of mano to the elderly when 6 pm strikes. (Mano is done by holding the right hand of an elderly and touching back of the hand with the forehead.)


Of course cats and dog would always be present and are the common pets seen in the land. But this two aren't always viewed as friends though.

Even though I grew up with my grandmother having cats, our family didn't had one but just dogs.

In the province, the dogs are also used or trained into bird hunting. We had few dogs back in the country and I was in grade school. We were living in the banana grove in the middle of the rice field. Our dogs are real good companions and even follow us on the field while my younger brother and I watch our parents attend to the rice, pulling off weeds and picking up snails. There are also days that my dad would go bird hunting on the near bamboo grove with our dog.

Want some fresh milk in the morning?

Goats can be seen raised in the land and is a good source of milk. Not only of milk, they are also raised and when old enough can be sold in the market as the meat is loved and enjoyed on Filipino dishes.


If you visit the land, specially in the provinces where it is more quite, be ready to get awakened early in the morning if there's a rooster in the neighborhood. I know some people who hated it but maybe since I grew up with it, I kinda missed hearing the crowing of a rooster in the morning. Since grade school, crowing rooster's had been my alarm, waking me up in the morning for school.

And of course who would give us eggs if there's no hens? We also had few chickens while living in the banana grove, they gave us eggs and fresh meat too, so no need to go to the market which would take about 20 to 30 minutes walking.

And with our hen having chicks, it always makes me excited (aside from the puppies with their morning wagging tails) to wake up in the morning and just visit mother hen and her cute chicks at dawn while mom and dad are preparing dessert that mom used to sell on the school that I'm attending.


Cows can also be seen in the provinces. Another source of meat and milk. And farmers also had been using cows for plowing fields just like the carabaos.


If the dog is the man's best friend, guess what?! When it comes to farm life, the carabao is the farmer's best friend as it was said on the country where farming is a big source of living.

I grew up in the farm and had seen few carabaos that dad used to plow the fields, and some other farmers too in the neighborhood with their own. These animals are really a great help. And not only with the field work, they are used too on pulling the cart which can carry people going to and from fields and houses or bringing produce on the market.

The farmer's best friend, the carabao heading to work on the field.
The farmer's best friend, the carabao heading to work on the field. | Source

Have you seen or ride on a carabao?

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Yes, ducks! When I was 5 years old we had a flock which my dad use to care for and take in the grassy field or on the rice fields every morning and back home just before sunset. It might be noisy with all the quacking, but growing up with it, I missed it actually.

And yes. I had a lot of time with the eggs for breakfast too and not worrying with it on my birthdays for leche flan.


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    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      Now I wonder what was that something. ^.^'Thanks for reading :)

    • Charlotte B Plum profile image

      Charlotte B Plum 5 years ago

      Wow thank you sharing these stories and some of your childhood memories with us! I learned something from reading your hub =)