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Animals In Your Life

Updated on December 29, 2010

Are You Aware of....

When we create a life for ourselves, it usually includes a partner, kids, a house, sometimes lots of people, sometimes just ourselves, but regardless of what human contact we have, we always have our animal friends to be concerned with.  People of various groups, seem to have natural attractions towards certain kinds or breeds of animals.  Some of us prefer cats to dogs, some of us prefer horses to ponies.  Some of us want an animal companion just for the company, others have animals around them for the pure need of the work that needs to be done, and their part in it.

We being the responsible party, are supposed to know how to care for the animals in our lives.  Before we get an animal, whether or not it is a working animal, pulling heavy loads, herding, finding lost people, and the many other jobs we have given to the animals in our lives, or if just a friend, it is our responsibility to care for them in a manner which is best for them.  Many times we humans feel as though our animals should share the same food, or the same treats as we eat and this for the most part is not a good practice.  In some cases it can even mean the death of your animal friend.

We humans want to give to our animals the life that we live, but animals are different in their needs and the lives that they are happy with.  It is easy to spoil them, but on the other hand, it is just as easy to harm them because we do not take the time to read up and know what is good for them, and provide them with the nutritional and activity needs they have.  There are breeds of dogs and horses, that are actually not only unhappy, but  get depressed or get nervous habits that are unhealthy for them.  For example, a purebred Arabian or thoroughbred will not do well and will begin to eat fences or stables, or will pace in a small area, or even rock back and forth on their two front feet if not given the opportunity to run off their hot blooded need to exercise.  Another example of that would be a border collie who if not given the proper exercise, will tend to escape their yard, run away from home and wander, chew, and fight if not allowed to run at least once a day.

It is our responsibility to know these things before we have the problem, and then try to figure out why.  Another pet a lot of people have are parakeets, yet I would be surprised to find the owner who knew that they pick partners for life, and at a very early age.  Therefore when choosing one from a pet store it would be very nice to try and observe and take the pair home instead of just one, breaking them apart for life and never again to have the companionship of a mate of their choosing. 

It is not hard to find a book or even a pamphlet, or to even have a conversation with a vet to find out if the animal you are considering for your home has any special needs, or has any particular information that would give you both a better and more complete lifestyle, for you and the animal.  Knowing is half the battle, they say, and if you take the time to know all there is to know about the animal you are thinking about taking home as a permanent member of the house, all would be as it was intended.


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    kims3003 7 years ago

    Beautiful! So well written. And so True! Enjoy your writing style - very nice!