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9 Animals With World Titles

Updated on August 3, 2016

I hadn't really cared so much about animals until I did a study at the University that exposed the animal world to me. After this study, I have taken some extra interest in animal life and I have found some very wonderful stuff. I have read about animals that die for love, animals that kill for love, animals that kill their mates, animals that do a lot of weird stuffs. This list contains some common or maybe not so common animals that hold some commendable records you should know about and maybe when next you come across some of them, you can take a second or two to appreciate them.

Now, after you are done reading, there is a little quiz I will love you to take to see how much you have learnt.

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.

— Dalai Lama XIV

Mosquito, the deadliest!

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Mosquito caught in the act
Mosquito caught in the act
Mosquito caught in the act | Source

The Deadliest Animal On Earth

I guess you are thinking about the shark, lion or the croc; well sort of, they are deadly but they are not the deadliest animals on earth. Deadliest, not in terms of the size of their paws or their teeth or their attack but in terms of how many people they get killed per year. Not the croc, tiger, shark, wolf or even the whale comes anywhere close to the mosquito! It kills more than 700,00 people every year. It is often said that the tiniest bite is the deadliest bite. Even though small, has become a global concern. The next time you see a mosquito, you want to show some respect by protecting yourself.

Slowest Animal

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Slowest Animal In The World

If you are thinking that the slowest animal is the Garden Snail, then you are wrong! The speed of a Snail is like that of a Bugatti at top speed compared to that of the Sloth. The Sloth holds the record for the slowest animal on earth; it’s so slow that even algae can grow on it. Well, why blame the sloth when sloth as a word means slow? The maximum speed of a Sloth is 0.003miles per hour…what a speed! Though it doesn’t hold the record for the sleepiest animal, it sleeps for about 20hrs in a day!

Ape uses a gun

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Wisest animal in the world

Most of us know that the apes are the wisest animals in the world but I think we are not giving enough credits to them. Genetically, they share up to 99% genetic makeup as humans. They exhibit high levels of intelligence in problem solving and reasoning, in the handing of tools and even in emotions, mourning when they lose a member. In a number of experiments carried out on both humans and chimps, chimps were recorded to have performed better in some tests than humans (that’s demoralizing!). Well that’s to tell us how intelligent they are. In the video I have uploaded, these soldiers underestimated the intelligence of an ape, should that be called wisdom?

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Sleepiest Animal

Here comes the Title holder for the sleepiest animal on earth! How does the Koala sleep for a whooping 22hrs in a 24hr day (91.7%)? It lives on the tree and thankfully, it doesn’t need to go hunting for food because it is herbivorous. It predominantly eats the leaves on the tree. When next you visit Australia, check those trees, you could just find one sleeping! Don’t worry on how you can identify it, most tree animals have tails, Koalas don’t!

Koala Evicted from tree

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Shortest Life Span

How long do you think the animal with the shortest life span live for, one week, one hour or one year? If you were told that you have just one day to live, what exactly will you be doing within those few hours? That wouldn’t be a tough question for the Mayfly which lives just for 24hrs! The record holder (also called fishflies or shadflies) which spends a part of its life in water (as an aquatic insect), is assumed to hatch in May, hence the name “Mayfly” but that is not necessarily so. Maturity especially of the male Mayflies is called “hatching” and this takes place from Spring to Autumn. At the end of 24hrs, their cycle comes to an end.

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Longest Life Span

If we talk about the animal that has the shortest life span, then we should also talk about the one that lives longest. Unfortunately, this animal is not a land animal; it is not the African Giant Tortoise. It is the Ocean quahog or Arctica Islandica. If it is not eaten by humans, it can outlive more than 16 generations (if one generation averages 25yrs)! The Ocean quahog lives between 405-410years even though there have been records of 507yrs.

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The Smallest Mammal

To think this creature is a mammal is incredible, but yes they are! They are so small that they can hang successfully on your index finger. The title holder for the smallest mammal in the world is the Pygmy Marmoset. They are also called Dwarf Monkeys and they double as the smallest monkeys in the world! Excluding the tail, they measure about 14-16cm and weigh between 120-140g. A fascinating truth about them is that they always (or most of the time) give birth to twins! Good for them.

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The Only Animal That Makes Food For Man

Maybe that title does not do justice to these title holders. Well, do they actually make the food for us? I think we actually take them without their permission! Receiving this record is the Honey Bee and specifically the working bee! They actually make the honey from nectar they gather from flowers. They go around looking for nectar and bring them to the hive where they evaporate water from the nectar. They eat the nectar and then regurgitate several times until it becomes honey! During the cooler seasons of the year, when they are not able to forage and there are fewer flowers, the bee colony relies on the honey produced by the worker bees for survival.

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The Largest Cat

The Largest cat is a hybrid of a Lion Dad and a Tiger mum called a Liger. His name is Hercules. Hercules was recognized by Guinness World Records in January 2013 and he weighed 418.2kg. There are other hybrids like the Tigon which is a breed formed from a Tiger dad and a Lioness, however Tigons are much smaller than Ligers and Hercules still holds the title for the largest cat. Hercules lives in Myrtle Beach Safari, a wildlife reserve in South Carolina, United States.

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