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Animals and Their Natural Intuition

Updated on February 2, 2011

Warnings from Animals

Wild creatures have an amazing homing instinct; for example, it is well-known that salmon and trout are able to find their way hundreds or even thousands of miles to their original spawning place, and there are countless stories of wartime carrier pigeons taking messages back to base through enemy fire, even when injured.

With a pet, the telepathic bond is tuned in to its owner, and it operates over great distances, regardless of whether or not the pet has been to the place where the owner is.

Animals have Foresight

Animals sometimes seem to be aware of events before they happen. This may be because (unlike humans) their minds are not limited to linear time, or it may be because they are so sensitive that they are able to pick up early warning signals of danger on their ‘automatic radar’ before human radar can tune in. An animal’s sight, sense and hearing are certainly more acute than a human’s but this does not fully explain how a pet can anticipate danger to the owner, sometimes hours or even days before it occurs.

Like humans who have premonitions that often involve a close relative or friend, pets often change established behaviour patterns for no apparent reason, and have saved their owner’s life as a result.

The unprompted howling of dogs without reason is almost worldwide, and has been considered a warning to humans throughout the ages. Animals spontaneously leaving an area en masse has often been a foreboding warning to humans, such as in times of earthquakes, volcanic activity and tsunamis, for example. It has often been documented that not only pets, but wild animals such as monkeys, birds and elephants, instinctively leave an area prior to a natural disaster taking place.

These animal warnings can occur up to a week or more before an earthquake, though they are most dramatic during the 24 hours before disaster strikes. Animals and birds are so in tune with the earth that they can alert us to all kinds of changes, from adverse weather conditions to volcanic eruptions and tidal waves.

Everyday Warnings from Pets

Most warnings from animals and birds are not of the life and death kind, but they can alert us to dangers we would prefer to avoid.

For example:

- If you are buying a new dwelling of any kind, and there are no birds flying around outside, be aware that there is something ‘wrong’ with the place.

- If possible, introduce your pet briefly to a new home before making the final decision. If the animal refuses to enter the house or go into certain rooms, find out as much history as you can about the house and property prior to purchase. When animals are uncomfortable with the energies, there is a good reason.

- If a normally friendly pet takes an instant dislike to a stranger or new acquaintance, be wary not to leave the person alone in your home, or for that matter, be alone with them yourself. It is a clear indication that all is not well.

*  Joanne    Body and Soul - Mind and Spirit

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