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Another Greensboro Dog Set On Fire

Updated on November 12, 2010

$2000 Reward in Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, North Carolina police are investigating the case of another burned dog found Wednesday September 8. The dog, whom the workers have named Bailey, was found at a neighborhood park near the 3000 block of Murchie Street. Bailey, a 2-3 year old Pomeranian mix, is expected to make a full recovery after suffering second and third degree burns over 20% of his body.

Since he isn't micro-chipped, the police need your help in identifying the dog and the owner. It's unclear at this time whether Bailey's owners are involved in the abuse. If so, they will be charged. It's a shame Susie's Law doesn't go into effect until December or the abuser would face much harsher punishment.

Beginning December 1, 2010, Susie's Law will go into effect and abusing an animal can land the abuser up to eight months in prison. I did a story awhile back about Susie, a dog who was set on fire.

This isn't the first burned puppy case Greensboro has seen this year. In July, a 4 month old lab and pit bull mix was found in Greensboro. The puppy, named Phoenix, suffered second and third degree burns over 40% of his body. He has since underwent two skin grafts and is expected to recover. It's just a shame what Phoenix will have to go through on the way to recovery. Antibiotics, pain medication, hydrotherapy. All because of some sadistic individual who is still unknown.

Phoenix received initial care at Happy Tails Clinic and will receive most of his treatment at Guliford County Animal Shelter with funds provided for through Susie's Miracle Fund.

This dog wasn't set on fire, but he deserves mentioning as Susie's Miracle Fund will also go to help him. Chamberlin was found last week abandoned and emancipated in an overgrown yard. Have people totally lost all emotion these days?

Now let's return to our most recent case. The person or persons who set fire to Bailey need to be turned in and punished. Anyone who would abuse an animal in this manner would certainly abuse people. Someone out there must know something. The public is being asked to act in this case to identify the abuser and not let that person get away with this. Anyone who knows or saw anything should contact crimestoppers at (336)373-1000. Calls are anonymous and WILL NOT be traced. There is a reward for $2000 for information leading to an arrest or indictment.


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    • profile image

      Aubrey 5 years ago

      "Sadistic".No other words to describe people that do this.

    • profile image

      AJ 7 years ago

      Horrible, but the death penalty. Really? I don't think so. How about jail and intense therapy? Even creeps who abuse kids don't get death, although I can see more of a justification there.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Emancipated or emaciated, either way, I meant to say these people are deserving of severe punishment if not death! People who abuse animals are sick and worthless.

      I didn't mean to take away from the seriousness of your article.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      emancipated in an overgrown yard- emancipated means set free?

      Did you meant to say EMACIATED?

    • profile image

      pitty babe 7 years ago

      They should lock up the A-hole who did this a long time, AND PUT THEM WITH A firebug .. JACK - ASS.

    • theherbivorehippi profile image

      theherbivorehippi 7 years ago from Holly, MI

      This is devastating! The person who burned this dog should be burned to death! It takes a weak, worthless individual to harm an innocent animal like this. Thanks for writing such an important hub!

    • profile image

      A concerned citizen!!! 7 years ago

      2 out of 3, and at the same time...

      "The Macdonald triad — animal cruelty, pyromania, and persistent bedwetting (also known as enuresis) past the age of five — is often exhibited by serial killers during their childhood.[19] Subsequent research, however, found that bedwetting is not related to psychopathy.[20]"

      Really, really, really scary...but as I mentioned before, psychopathy is on the rise, and serial killers are on the extreme end of psychopathy. I am glad to know that these dogs are recovering!!! There is a real need for Greensboro NC LE to find this psycho ASAP!!! This is not a teenage prank gone awry; this is the first indicators of a sadist who will eventually move on to torturing people!!!

    • fundamentallife profile image

      fundamentallife 7 years ago

      Bring on Susie's Law ASAP!! I'm a big hater of animal cruelty. I can't put down what I really want to here, but you get what I mean.

      Punish the abusers!

      Great article my friend, but if I could just lend you one tip - add a couple more capsules, like photos and some news and it will score better with and get a higer score. This would definiately mean more traffic to this insightful article.

      Thanks for posting,


    • profile image

      BJ 7 years ago

      People that abuse animals should be punished the same as people that abuse people.