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Another Min Pin Hub - This one's about Chew Toys

Updated on January 20, 2016
tillsontitan profile image

Dogs are man's best friend. Mary has been around dogs all her life and loves every breed she's met. You can never go wrong with a dog.

Buzz with his Himalayan Mountain Chew (half gone).
Buzz with his Himalayan Mountain Chew (half gone). | Source
Rat /terrier
Rat /terrier | Source
Short haired Jack Russell Terrier
Short haired Jack Russell Terrier | Source

What? Another hub about that Min Pin Buzz? Well, yes and no. Of course Buzz is my inspiration (he's my two year old Min Pin), but some of what he does applies to all dogs, especially the mischievous ones like Min Pins or Jack Russell Terriers or Rat Terriers. I mention all three of these breeds because they share their inquisitive, lively nature. Not only their nature but they do look very similar with their short hair and long pointed ears. They are all loving and devoted breeds but our little friends' energy and inquisitiveness can lead to agida in their owners.

In one of my other hubs I wrote about how Buzz eats everything! Min Pin puppies (and Jack Russell Terriers and Rat Terriers) really remain puppies till they are about four or five years old where other dogs grow up at two. (Forever young.) In my search to keep my dog happy and not bored I have been looking everywhere for toys he can chew without destroying.

The first indestructible toy I bought him lasted a week! I must admit the new "stuffed animals" without the stuffing have lasted quite a while. You have to realize Buzz has chewed through four leashes and torn up three beds. So the quest to find something good for him that he can chew without destroying is ongoing.

Of course I bought the 'food toys' that make him work to get his treats.The Kong is a well known toy that dogs love. It's a large rubber toy that can be filled with a special Kong filling or just plain peanut butter. It keeps him busy but not for long. He manages to get the filling out quickly and then he's done with the Kong. As long as it's full of food he's interested, once it's empty he's on to the next toy or adventure. So far though, he hasn't destroyed it which is certainly a plus. Kongs come in many sizes so are suitable for any size dog. They are available everywhere.

Buzz's favorite toy.
Buzz's favorite toy. | Source

He absolutely loves to play and has a favorite toy that miraculously he hasn't destroyed. The funny thing is I got it at Home Goods and have never seen it before or since. He likes it because it has twelve squeakers in it and he can run around squeaking to his heart's content. It's his favorite thing to do besides chewing things up and eating them. Did I mention he got into my pocket book and ate half of one five dollar bill and a quarter of another?

I was going to buy him the Squirrel Pet Toy because it's so cute, my son bought one for his Springer Spaniel and she loves it, but, I knew Buzz would shred it in no time. The thing is they can take the squirrels in and out of the 'tree trunk' and I just know Buzz would chew up those cute little squirrels one by one. However, they can be a fun toy for the non-destructive dog and are now sold everywhere.

I'm not crazy about rawhide chews though I do occasionally give them to Buzz. The risks are small but they are there. Some dogs choke on smaller parts of the rawhide, that gets stuck in their throat or esophagus, some dogs are allergic to rawhide, and rawhide can contain salmonella. Now, I'm not saying never buy rawhide again, I'm just pointing out what I have read. Supervise your dog when he has a rawhide and take it away if it gets small enough to swallow whole.

I tried Nylabones but they don't appeal to Buzz. They're rubber and almost indestructible but of course Buzz doesn't like them.

Too many treats make the dog fat and Buzz has a tendency to gain weight even though he never sits still. Go figure. So I continued to look. Then I came across Himalyan Dog Chews...can you imagine? Seems these chews are made in the Himalayas from an ancient recipe. Yup. People used to chew this stuff. It's 100% natural, a type of cheese made from yak and cow milk and it's 52% protein. It sounded good to me. It's not exactly cheap, around $10 for a medium size chew but I got lucky, Buzz loves it! Did I mention he likes to sit on my lap while he's chewing it? It is a very hard chew and the dog has to work the ends of it to soften it up. Buzz usually has it for a couple of weeks before he actually finishes it. It's my favorite treat because it keeps him busy, it's not bad for him and it's not overly fattening.

Of course last but not least is Buzz's absolute favorite which he is not allowed to eat in the house...marrow bones. Raw marrow bones. Like so many other things that are good for dogs, marrow bones have their drawbacks. They are natural and untreated so if they are out of the fridge too long or in the hot sun they can become rancid or breed bacteria. They need to be big enough that your dog can't swallow. Working a marrow bone can clean your dog's teeth, and work his shoulder muscles as he pulls and tugs on it. I buy several in Shop Rite and freeze them. That way it takes longer for them to get warm and it takes longer for Buzz to clean them out. If there's a lot of fat inside the bone you might want to cut some out, too many calories. I only give Buzz one a week...I was giving him more but he started gaining too much weight.

I know there's a million more things out there but thought I would share these few with you from my own experience. Please feel free to comment.

Copyright Tillsontitan - All Rights Reserved

Buzz getting read to work that chew.
Buzz getting read to work that chew. | Source
Buzz begins
Buzz begins | Source
Chew that chew
Chew that chew | Source
Buzz hard at work.
Buzz hard at work. | Source

Do your dogs like chew toys?

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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 2 years ago from New York

      Susan, I'm so glad you found them helpful.

    • profile image

      Susan 2 years ago

      Thank you for helpful hints.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      Hi alisha. So glad you found some toys she likes. She differs from my Buzz, he loves the squeaky toys and loves to make them squeak. However, he does not like other loud noises which is one way we trained him. I used a coke can filled with coins to correct him. Good luck with yours and hope she continues to stay away from the kids toys.

    • profile image

      alisha 5 years ago

      Hello again! I found out where her hiding place is for her bones and dental chews. A found one of her bones in my dirty clothes basket! And she hid her other bone and dental chewy in my daughters room in a pile of stuffed went out and bought her a few toys. One of them is a blue squeaky pig and she is terrified of it...I don't think she likes how loud it squeaks. She even growls at it when I try to get her to play with it lol...I got her a pink squeaky ball that she likes...since I got her a few toys she hasn't found any of the kids toys to chew on *knock on wood*...

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      I don't really have good news for your alisha...Buzz has just stopped chewing the baby's toys at 2 years old! He'll still occasionally find one he likes that we have to get away from him. Start teaching her "leave it".

      As for the bones and chewy you gave her she probably ate them! Buzz eats his in record time! Good luck with your new puppy, I know she'll bring you years of joy.

    • profile image

      alisha 5 years ago

      I have a 7 month old rusty and black min pin. Her name is sadies. She loves to chew on my 3 and 5 year olds toys. So I went out and bought her a bag of bones and a bag of yogurt an pb flavored dental care chewies. I gave her 2 bones and a chewy and haven't seen them since! She took them and hid them! And I have no clue where they are! And she is laying right here chewing another head off of my 5 year old daughters princess toy lol...I've only had her for about a month now and she's chewed up like 4 of my sons toy cars and 2 of my daughters dolls and a my little pony...the kids get upset but that's a good reason for them to clean up after themselves lol...I need to go out tomorrow and invest in some good chew toys for my princess :)