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Anti Bark Collars, Prevent Dogs From Barking with animal friendly dog collars

Updated on July 29, 2017

Stop your dog from barking with pet friendly anti bark collars.

Anti bark collars have prevented many dog owners from being prosecuted. Continuous barking constitutes an annoyance and therefore the owners can face hefty fines and on occasions, the dog has been removed from the home.

These pet friendly anti bark collars have proven that they can reduce a dogs barking habits to virtually nil whilst they are wearing the collar.

Security conscious people use a dogs barking to inform them of a possible intruder. These cheap anti barking dog collars are perfect if used in accordance with the owners wishes and allows for peace and quiet as well as security.

The collars could be used when the canine is outside of the home, thus preventing annoying close proximity neighbors. It may also be used within the home to allow owners to sleep at nighttime.

Spray Anti-Bark Collars


Dog Size:- Up to 6 lbs

The spray selection of anti barking collars are considered the most humane type.

The actual collar is softer than most dog collars and therefore less irritable to the canine. The battery operated spray device can distinguish the dogs bark from any other background noise.

The Citronella spray is harmless to animals and humans and has a fresh lemon scent.

When the dog barks, a light mist of spray is released towards the dogs face. This will generally distract the dog from whatever it is barking at.

The spray will be released every time the dog barks and will therefore, over a short period of time, stop a dog from continually barking for no apparent reason.

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

For Smaller Breeds


For Small Dogs

Most smaller breeds of dogs are considered to be quite 'yappy'. Dog bark control collars are designed to fit each size of dog with different pitch's to their barks.

Many small dogs continually bark more than larger breeds and the use of a mist collar for preventing barking would be excellent.

This may especially apply to inner city abodes such as flats or apartments where their bark may easily travel through the walls to the next apartment.

We tried a small battery operated anti-bark dog collar on two chihuahua's. It was only a small shock, but it worked for several days. After that, we took off the collars. When the dogs began to bark, we simply showed them the collar and they went quiet.


For Toy or Small Dog Breeds

Larger dog breeds are also considered the more aggressive type. These anti bark collars with the mist may also help reduce their aggression to passers by.

Once sprayed, a dog is momentarily distracted unless it barks again. In this case, another fine jet of mist spray is released onto the dogs face.

Preventing the dog from barking may also help reduce the fear that many children have encountering a new dog for the first time.

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

Electric Shock Collars


For Larger Breeds

Electric shock collars are the more preferred anti barking collars on the market. The small voltage does not hurt the animal in any way.

Most collars are not waterproof, but are water and moisture resistant. The battery life of rechargeable models is approximately 6 weeks before a recharge is required.

The Esky model above has 7 different settings to allow a vibration mode to help teach the dog not to bark prior to a small shock being emitted.

This will teach a dog over a short space of time not to bark or it will receive a shock.

Medium Sized Dogs

50 lbs - 140 lbs

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

It is recommended by manufacturer's and animal welfare groups that collars are not worn for more than 6 hours at a time. Some very hairy canines may need a hair trim around where the collar will be for full effectiveness of the anti bark shock collars.

The dog shock collars are how to stop a dog from barking continuously over a period of time. Dogs are dogs and will bark, which is not annoying. Please use these collars only as a lst resort or if the barking in annoying yourself or neighbors.

Small Dogs

3 - 50 kg

Most dogs after a short period of time will relate to just being threatened with the dogs collar. If the shock collar has been worn and used for several weeks.

Simply showing the dog their collar may be enough to prevent the dog from barking.

Nearly all anti bark collars vibrate as a warning to a dog prior to an electric shock being given. This provides a warning which most dogs begin to comprehend after a short period of time.

This helps stop the dogs from barking most of the time without shocks being emitted. Allowing a happier pet with restrictions and reducing noise pollution in a manner which is kind to the animal.

Have you ever used a dog collar before ? Let us know in the comments box below.

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