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Apart from parasites are there any other causes of skin disease in dogs?

Updated on June 29, 2010

We do so love our dogs. These creatures are provided with the best care not only for the steadfast loyalty they offer but also for the difference they make to the quality of people’s lives. This is why a sick pet would be a major concern of the family. Skin diseases are one of the most common health concerns of dogs. Skin disease are not really life threatening. Nevertheless immediate treatment would be necessary as aside from affecting the appearance of the pet, the skin disease can be passed on to the humans. Skin diseases commonly cause severe itching. A concerned dog owner would not want to see the pet suffer.  The itching, the lesion and the foul odor are commonly caused by parasite infestation. But are you aware that skin diseases can have other causes aside from fleas, ticks, mites and other parasite infestation?

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Pyodermas are bacterial skin infections caused by the staphylococci bacteria. Commonly, the skin disease is a secondary concern that develops when the skin is opened allowing the bacteria to thrive in the moist and warm environment. Pus filled bumps in the head, belly and trunk and a foul odor will be noticed.


Microsporum and Trichophyton are fungi species that cause fungal infection. The fungi that live on the dead skin tissues, hair and nails of the dog will create a red welt with a dry center and raised crusty edges. At the onset of infection the ringworms are commonly found on the head and on the legs. Treatment is necessary as the ringworms would spread on the other part of the dog’s body. Additionally, this type of skin disease is contagious. Ringworm can infect other pets and humans as well.

Hormonal Skin Diseases

Bilateral and symmetrical hair loss on both sides of the body points to the possibility of hormonal disorders. Unlike other skin diseases, itchiness is not a symptom of this concern. Hormonal imbalance can cause the skin to be either thinner or thicker. Over or under production of hormones would change in the color of the hair and the skin as well. Hormonal skin diseases are difficult to diagnose. A special blood test is necessary before this particular skin disease can be treated.

Allergic Skin Diseases

Allergies are not the sole concern of humans. Allergies are common in dogs too. Dogs that are hypersensitive to allergy causing substances, similar to humans would have watery eyes, have nasal discharge, and suffer from abdominal pains. The most common symptom of allergies is intense itching. The dog would chew and gnaw on the affected area causing skin lesions that would eventually develop into skin disease when bacteria set in. Skin diseases due to allergies can be controlled; some can even be completely cured. Antihistamines and corticosteroids would ease the intense itching.

Puppy Skin Disorders

About Canine Skin Disorders

Home Remedies for Dry Skin in Dogs


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      8 years ago

      Very intresting my dog had manage as a puppy


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