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Aquaponics Backyard System - A Simple And Efficient Way To Go Green

Updated on April 22, 2011

Many people are now interested in going green and protecting the environment. However, not everyone is informed about the simplest methods that can be applied at home in order to contribute.

The reality is that not every household can afford solar panel or windmills to generate their own energy at home. Not everyone can maintain those complicated systems either. But there is a simple way - a system which can help you have your own fish and vegetable farm without spending too much. Aquaponics backyard systems have become a household project for many families these days due to their advantages and more. And this is the method were you can contribute without spending too much and minus the complications.

Sustainability is one of the various reasons why regular people are now interested in aquaponics backyard systems. Looking at it on smaller-scale, it is easier to produce your own food source by relying on the simplest approach and structures in cultivating fish and vegetables. The principles are the same but more than ten-fold for a large-scale version.

So just imagine if all homes on the face of the earth has an aquaponics backyard system - every family will be self-sufficient and healthy as well. And this can possibly prevent world hunger especially when people from all corners of the globe can farm and provide food for themselves and their communities. Reducing the scarcity of potable water is another advantage of aquaponics backyard systems especially when done on a world-wide scale. The system only uses 10% of the regular water consumption in farming. This system also encourages and shows a great example of recycling water with very minimal losses.

Aquaponics backyard systems are quite practical for households. You need the basic supplies of fish tank, plant beds and pots, piping system, and your fish and plants. You need sunlight for your greenery as well, so it's best to find an ideal spot where your vegetables can get enough sunlight during the day.

You may search the net for info and resources to help you if you are interested in trying this project at your own backyard. You will find numerous websites that particularly focus to this topic and related projects as well. Hone your knowledge about aquaponics backyard systems as well as the materials that you'll need to help you prepare.


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    • Joyce F profile image

      Joyce F 6 years ago from USA

      Do you have links to aquaponic backyard systems and some pictures?