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Aquis Doggie Dryer Review – Finally a dog towel that works

Updated on February 10, 2011

Many people have found that the Aquis Doggie Dryer Microfiber Pet Towel has made drying their dog an easier, more enjoyable experience.

Every dog owner knows that it’s a real pain to have to dry your dog off. The dog’s first instinct is to shake off the water and you’re always front row when that happens. Then when you finally put the towel on the dog it’s a struggle to get all of the water off (it seems like the towels thoroughly soaked instantly) and if your dog is like mine, he or she is tearing at the towel, fighting you every step of the way. That’s where the Aquis Doggie Dryer comes in.

The Aquis Doggie Dryer is a microfiber dog towel that is super absorbant. This is due to the properties of microfiber; being made of hydrophilic fibers (which just means that they attract water) the water instantly adheres and is wicked into the material using capillary action. Aquis unique weave design takes advantage of these properties making it easier to dry things faster.

What’s nice about the Aquis Doggie Dryer is that it’s very effective in drying off your dogs. Because of its super absorbancy, the time it takes to dry your dog off is drastically decreased. During the rainy spring and fall seasons my dog, Juneau the American Eskimo, gets soaked and is completely muddy. Juneau is dried off in seconds after coming in from the outdoors. What’s best is that he used to fight me constantly while I was drying him off; he thought it was a game. Now I don’t have to worry about it because he’s dry before he knows it, the house is cleaner, and I’m less frustrated with cleaning him off.

And if that’s not enough the Aquis doggie towel dries off faster too.  During the rainy seasons we used to have two or three dog towels that we would rotate through because they’d always be soaked from last time he went out.  With the microfiber dog towel it’s dry every time we go to use it.  The entry way is a lot neater, and I’m not ticked about having to go get a new towel as he runs all over the house.

Now Juneau’s only about 40 lbs (a bit overweight) and the towel works incredibly well.  I wondered how well it would work for my mom’s big lab mix.  Well, it turns out that the extra large Aquis Doggie Dryer works just as well for big dogs that absorb a lot of water.  My mom’s dog love to go swimming in the lake when they go camping.  In fact, because these doggie towels are so thin, lightweight and dry so quickly, they make excellent camping towels for dogs and humans!

Another thing I should mention is that the extra large versions are extremely absorbant.  I know one person who uses the Aquis doggie dryer and only takes one of these towels with her when she takes her three big dogs to the beach!  This is a huge savings for her because it’s that much less she has to pack up and take with her.  And because it dries so quickly, she can pack it back up and put it away or use it as a cover for back seat where they all sit. 

I know that this has been a pretty glowing review so far, but the truth is it’s every bit as absorbant and useful as advertised.   The only downfall I’ve seen is that the red material tends to bleed a little for the first few washes.  I’ve heard of the “pink dog” syndrome and while I’ve never experienced it myself, it may be necessary to run the towel through the wash once to avoid this.  Speaking of which taking care of the microfiber towel is incredibly easy, just throw it into the washer and dryer as normal for lint-free care, or you can leave it out to dry and it will air dry in about 2 hours.  Just make sure to wash it with darks or by itself the first couple of times to make sure you don’t get any pink clothes.

The price is a little bit on the high side for a “regular towel” however I think this microfiber dog towel is worth every penny.  You may find the best price on Aquis Doggie Dryer from other retailers’ websites but I’ve purchased all of mine from Amazon (I bought some for my in-laws).  I like their service, free shipping and I don’t have to constantly punch in my credit card numbers.

Cheap Aquis Doggie Dryer Microfiber Towels

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