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Are You Ready to Own a Horse?

Updated on March 3, 2015

Do you think you’re ready to own a horse? Having one is not just like getting a puppy. Aside from being a lot bigger, a horse will have different and more tasking requirements. It’s probably one of the biggest responsibilities you will ever encounter in your life especially if you’ll personally take care of it.

To help you make that important decision, read through the rest of this article.

1. Are you responsible enough?

It is definitely not a joke to own a horse so you must asses yourself if you are dedicated to taking care of one. This new hobby will surely eat up a lot of your time. just like with any animal, you will have to feed it, bathe it, have it regularly checked by a veterinarian. You will also have to take it out for a ride otherwise it will get restless and bored just staying in the stable.

2. Do you have your own land?

A horse will need a big place to live in. It is not just the stable, but a grazing ground as well. The ideal set up is a farm where it can have as much as space for itself. So unless you’re living in a farm or rural area, this is one thing you should think about seriously.

3. Do you have the money for it?

This is probably the biggest hurdle to owning a horse. There are so many expenses to be considered: feeds, shoes (preferably replaced after every 6 to 8 weeks), supplements, riding and stable equipment and supplies. Not to mention the veterinary bills you will get especially if it gets sick.

4. Do you know how to ride a horse?

You’re getting a horse because you want to ride one whenever you feel like it. But are you responsible enough to get the necessary training? It is always a good idea to enroll in a horse riding course. Just make sure you are getting your training from a reputable trainer or instructor.

5. Do you already know everything about horses?

How knowledgeable are you about horses? It really helps if you fill up your brain with everything you can find out on horses. And it is not just on how to properly take care of them, but it’s also worthwhile to read on the fun facts and trivia about these beautiful animals.

Analyze yourself then make your decision.

Owning a horse is really more about yourself than the animal. You should be a hundred percent sure that you are ready for that responsibility, otherwise it will be truly heart-breaking should you decide to part with your equine pal.


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