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Are flea collars safe for dogs to wear?

Updated on June 30, 2010

If your dog is infested with fleas, would you consider allowing the pet to wear a flea collar? Flea collars are considered to be the least unmanageable method of eradicating the fleas. An owner would simply need to fasten the collar and presto! flea population will start to fall. The dog owner will be saved from the messy spraying, powdering and baths necessary to remove the flea infestation. However, a dog owner would surely hear about the adverse effects of dog collars on the well being of the pet. Do you think a flea collar is safe for dogs to wear? Flea collars would be safe for the dog as long as some considerations in choosing the right one are taken.

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Of fleas and flea collars

A flea collar is a strip of plastic molding mixed with insecticide. This device is designed to continuously deliver the right amount of pesticide for a period of up to 12 months to kill fleas and to totally eradicate the infestation. Fleas are parasitic insects that suck the blood of the host. Severe infestation can cause anemia for the infested dog. Flea bites are extremely itchy. The dog would scratch and bite until the affected area is raw and swollen allowing bacteria to thrive. This would result to bacterial infection. Flea infestation is a nuisance not only to the dog but to humans as well.

Spot-on treatment versus time release treatment

Sprays, powder, dips and baths are spot on treatments that are commonly used for heavy infestation. The results of these treatments can be seen at once. However, a one-time application will only kill adult fleas leaving the eggs unharmed. The eggs will hatch and the flea infestation will begin all over again. To totally eradicate these blood suckers, the life cycle has to be interrupted. This can be done with regular application of flea powder, with regular sprays, baths and dips. A dog owner can do away with these tedious and messy procedures simply by fastening a flea collar on the dog. A flea collar is an efficient and easy method of flea control. The amount of pesticide continuously released by the collar makes sure that newly hatched fleas will be killed as well thereby interrupting the pest’s life cycle.

Adverse effects of flea collar

Flea collars have to be carefully chosen. A vet’s consult would even be necessary given that the device cannot be used on all dogs. The chemicals on the collar can be dangerous to puppies and could have adverse effects on some dogs. The chemicals formulated to kill the fleas would be dangerous to the pet if it has accumulated and has gone beyond the acceptable level.

Flea collars with safe substances

A flea collar with pyrethrins, a substance from chrysanthemums and with natural citrus extracts is proven to be an effective alternative to collars made with toxic chemicals. These natural substances are lethal to fleas but safe for our beloved pets.

Use Flea & Tick Collars for Dogs

Use Flea & Tick Prevention Sprays for Dogs

Flea Control Tips


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    • profile image

      MyHollyDale 5 years ago

      We used flea collars on our three Labs last year and we don't use them anymore. All three of our Labs developed sores on the skin of their necks which have morphed into little permanent bumps. These were flea collars we purchased from our vet. It scared me as their reaction was so severe. Now we use the drops for flea and tick control.

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 7 years ago from Virginia

      Very informative.