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Arowana Fish Breeder

Updated on March 26, 2011

There has been an upsurge in the number of Arowana fish breeders. With the high demand for Asian arowanas, it seems that it is profitable venture to be an arowana fish breeder. Ever since CITES listed the Asian arowana as an endangered species, Southeast Asian countries have started setting up arowana farms to for the conservation of these fish and at the same time supply the demand from all over the world especially in China.

Arowana fish breeding and farming is a sunshine industry.. Besides arowana trading can be a lucrative and profitable for an arowana fish breeder. Before day dreaming of profits, it is better to get your feet on the ground first and think where would you get your venture capital considering starting an arowana farm demands a high amount of capital.

An arowana farm requires a lot of ponds with a minimum of 20 to 40 adult Asian arowanas to start out, and each arowana may cost 5,000 to dollars, you can do the math.  Other arowana fish breeders claim that the first year of arowana fish farms, expect to take a big loss since some of the ponds would not yield any fry and you have to wait for a few more months and what’s worse is you may shell out some more cash to augment the losses.

If you have the start up capital to be an arowana fish breeder, the first thing you should know is that the adult male arowana should be kept in large shoals and mud ponds. From time to time they would check if the male arowana if they are brooding eggs or fry.

If you want to be a well renowned arowana fish breeder, then you should excel and take great pains in caring for these special fishes. You must gain enough skill to praise open the mouth of the male arowana fish to increase the possibility of the fry dropping out. Once you collected the fry, you need to send back the male arowana to the pond for another cycle of reproduction.

As an arowana fish breeder, you should be able to decipher and spot male arowana brooding eggs and fry. Since there are 10 to 20 eggs in each clutch dropping out of their mouths, you should be able to notice that their buccal cavities are quite apart.

The eggs would hatch within a week, and once they hatch, there would a long fry one centimeter long that would attach on the egg, and as months pass by, the fish would then reach two to three centimeters. After a few months, the male arowana would release them and as a responsible arowana fish breeder, you need take away the offspring and rear the fry in separate tanks. In a year’s time, after caring and nurturing them, you can start selling them to get a return on your investment.


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