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At what age can a male dog breed?

Updated on June 29, 2009

There are several reasons why an owner would want to mate their male dogs. An owner of a rare breed would certainly want to develop puppies from the highly prized dog. The same thing is true if the much love dog has an ideal temperament given that the puppies that will be developed would carry the wanted traits of the parent dog. In some cases, the mating would be commercial in nature. Purebred dogs especially the rare varieties have a long waiting list and would command high prices. Mating the male dog can have no other reason than a macho thing…the owner believes that it is manly for the dog (and the owner as well) to mate with a bitch.

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So if you have a male dog what reason would you have to allow the dog to breed? It would be understandable if the dog is a high pedigree and you planned to sell the puppies. Or yours is a much loved pair and you would want to raise all the pups yourself. But if there is no specific reason for breeding, don’t you think castrating the dog would be a better idea? Bear in mind that unwanted puppies can result if you allow the dog to remain intact. No amount of restraining will prevent the dog from escaping once the whiff of an available bitch reaches the sensitive nose of the dog. We are a race of dog lovers but the influx of unwanted puppies that can not be accommodated in homes would often cause these poor animals to be put to sleep.

Sexual maturity in dogs would largely differ on the breed and on the size of the dog. Smaller dogs attain puberty much earlier than small breeds. Generally, sexual maturity is attained at about 6 months where the dog develops sexual characteristics. Once the testicles of the dog have descended, it can have the capability to mate. However, it would be best to confine the dog until it has at least reached nine to twelve months in age to prevent accidental breeding. As male dogs do not have heat cycles like female dogs, it can mate any time. Heavy mating season is noted to stunt the growth of young dogs. Moreover, sperms of a dog that is less than one year old may not be developed fully resulting to poor fertilization.

You may have opted to keep the dog intact but it would still be advisable prevent the dog from mating throughout its lifetime. Neutering at the age of 7 to 8 years can make the dog healthier and happier.

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