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Attention Seeking Puppy Behaviours Puppy

Updated on October 30, 2016



Is your puppy an attention seeker? For starters, it can be a little daunting to know some of the signs or behaviours that your puppy might be seeking some attention from you — though with selfish intentions. Just the same way people like to be consoled, the same way puppies are. Thus, if you don’t start to limit such of these puppies’ behaviours, you would be creating some potential future problems upon yourself, which you don’t want to be a part of.

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Below are a few attention seeking puppy behaviours, you need to be aware of and draw a limit to when the time and condition is appropriate:

Personal Space – Just as humans, also puppies like to have their personal space respected. This often arises when they are having a scrumptious meal like a juicy bone or are likely to succumb to sleep. They simply don’t like being bothered. On the other hand, puppies should be nurtured on ways that should respect their owners space too, otherwise he wouldn’t know when you really want to have some personal space. Such intrusions like your puppy nudging your hand, jumping and placing his head on your lap, should be controlled, especially when you want a little personal space with yourself. Simply start by ignoring some of your puppy’s nagging behaviour, sooner or later he will adapt and be aware when it’s time to play and when it’s time for you to have your personal space.

Barking and Whining – This is another common behavior, puppies normally use to acquire the attention of their owners behavior. Behind most puppies mind, they are sure you will soon succumb to their loud noise and adhere to their need. The same case applies here, ignore your puppy completely and make sure you don’t have any direct eye contact and don’t utter a word. For instance, when your puppy barks because he wants to bask outside in the garden’s sunshine, have a habit of leaving the door open. Eventually your puppy will be smart to know that when you leave the door open, it means you need some quite time of your own.

Stealing Trophies – Most puppies when they want to get their owners undivided attention, have the habit of picking or stealing things that is not theirs. In consequent, this is usually a clear signal that your puppy wants to play games with you by chasing him around. If your puppy is fond of playing these tricks on you, walk away and assume that nothing is of much bigger deal to you. He will probably lose interest and give up. Although if your puppy seem to have picked something of value, pick up another item and start to tease him with it. Your puppy will assume that might be a better choice and, in subsequent, abandon the precious object he had earlier picked.

Begging – Many puppies have perfected this art when they seek to demand some full attention from their owners in earnest, especially during meal times. When you figure out this kind of nagging behavior has reached its limit, always ensure that your puppy’s bowl is filled with some food and don’t even think of feeding your puppy from your plate, so long as his bowl is filled with food.

Furniture Issues – Many people have split opinions about whether puppies should be allowed to sit or have a nap on furniture. Either way, your puppy should be aware of when you need him seated or taking a nap around your furniture, like when you have a special guest around. At such occasions your puppy is supposed to know that is the high time to get off from the couch. Without speaking and maintaining any eye contact, pick up your puppy and place him in a certain area where is fit for him to stay, eventually he will learn and adapt and be aware of the time he shouldn’t be lounged on the furniture.

In a nutshell, it’s important to show some affection toward your puppy and also play together when the time and condition suits you. However, too much of these attention seeking behaviours can go overboard. Take charge and follow the tips listed above, and your puppy will eventually be aware when its time to play and when it’s time to get a little more serious.


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