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Aviary For Your Finches

Updated on May 9, 2011

Introduction to Finches Aviary

If you want to consider having finches for a pet, then you may want to build finches aviary that is most suited for them. However, there are few things to remember in building the finches’ aviary, most importantly the safety of the birds and the time and effort of maintenance.

The aviaries for finches must be protected from threats of other pets like dogs and cats or even snakes and rats. Not only will these threats endanger the lives of your birds but finches will not also breed in a rat infested areas.

Great Finch Aviary Example

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Another Cool Aviary for Finches

photo by Jay Mohan
photo by Jay Mohan | Source

Factors to Consider When Setting-Up An Aviary for Your Finches

Here are some useful facts to be considered before creating your finches aviary:

  1. The footing of your aviary can be made out of concrete and metal cladding with a minimum height of 1 meter. It must be firmly attached to the concrete footing to prevent dangerous animals from climbing up to the aviary.

  2. Another factor to consider is the environment where you are going to build the aviary for these finches. Most finches like a warm, dry environment with sunlight exposure being maximized. You can also place sands and gravel in the aviary’s flooring to keep it dry or put sub-drainage if the aviary is only half roofed.

  3. Placing plants inside the aviary is not recommended as it does not help in keeping the finches aviary warm and dry. And you wouldn’t want to spend lots of time cleaning the droppings of your birds on those plants. However, if you really like to put plants inside the aviary, just make sure that the plants are not tall enough for other animals to climb on. Plants should be placed away from the flying space of the finches inside the aviary.

Important Must-Know to Consider for Your Finches Safety and Health Inside the Aviary

Because aviary is much bigger than a bird cage, it gives more space and freedom for the finches to fly freely, simulating the birds’ natural environment.

  • Finches’ loves swings and perches. So, it is best to have perches placed on the opposite sides of the finches aviary to stimulate the bird to fly on each one.

  • Every swings and perches must not be put above the finches’ water along with the food container to avoid contaminating their food with bird droppings.

  • The waters and food containers should also be placed away from the flying path of the birds for their safety.

  • You can also install a night light in the aviary so that the finches can see even in the dark.

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of the finches aviary must be done to prevent the birds from getting sick.

  • Finches’ loves water for drinking purpose, have a small dish for water that should be set inside the aviary as finches needs water every day.

  • A container that is at least an inch deep can also be filled with water for their bird bath.

  • Your finches aviary must also have some sunlight directed into it.

  • The aviary must also have a shady spot where finches can stay during the day when the temperature is very hot.

  • Finches aviaries must also be kept away from a very active environment.

  • Setting the finches aviary in the backyard of your house is more preferable than in the front. Noises from vehicles on the road or children in the streets are activities that annoy and frighten your finches.

The Ultimate Finch Care Guide | Source

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Found this Beautiful Video of Finches & Canaries by finchbirdlover

photo by eye of einstein
photo by eye of einstein | Source
photo by jesssse
photo by jesssse | Source

Very Useful Things to Know When Breeding Your Finches

Breeding finches requires a lot of things to consider. You must have the knowledge and understanding of what is involved in breeding finches successfully. If you think that putting a pair of finches in a cage and building a finches nest would immediately result in mating, well think again.

It is most recommended to put the pair of finches in a large cage, give them a calcium enrich diet and let the pair bond for a month or two and monitor their compatibility. If they bond with each other, you can start adding a nest in their cage to start their breeding process. Some basic factors to consider are:

  • You must be 100% positive that you have a male and female finch in your cage.

  • The pair of finches must be both healthy, in physically fit condition, active and alert.

  • You must also observe for the compatibility of your finches. See if they bond well with each other by mutual preening and courtship ritual (singing of the male & dancing of the female).

  • Their cage needs to be safe from any predators including humans. Finches also needed privacy during their breeding season.

  • Choose the right nest for your finches. Some finches like zebras and society will sometimes nest in just anything but must not be encourage as they are not secure unlike the real nest.

  • Finches do not need help in raising their own chicks. Even if first time parents are not good, humans need to stay away and let them learn in their own way because if you interfere they may not be able to learn from their mistakes and may not be able to raise their own family the next time.


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    • profile image

      carlademming 6 years ago

      Yes, DDS- that's what you call T-L-C for your pet birds. If you really want to keep them and yourself happy as well as enjoy each others company. I would surely give them this kinds of aviary.

    • DDS profile image

      David Sproull 6 years ago from Toronto

      These seems expensive but looks SO awesome!!