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Avoid Accidents in Home with Puppies

Updated on December 10, 2009

Many things we use every day can harm puppies. This article tells you what to watch out for.

Things you may consider harmless household items can be deadly to your puppy. Make sure these items are kept out of reach.:

Garden supplies such as insecticides and fertilizers. (In fact, it's best not to use these items at all if you have a pet.)

Plants. Many are toxic in live or dried form. Ask your nursery for information on the plants you want to purchase. When in doubt, keep the plants well out of your dog's reach.

Pennies. Some pennies contain zinc, which can cause vomiting, anemia, or even death if ingested by a pet.

Chocolate. As little as one ounce of unsweetened baking chocolate can be deadly to a small dog. Milk chocolate is not as toxic, but if dogs eat large quantities, they may develop digestive problems.

Antifreeze has a sweet taste to dogs, so they may lick it off the floor of the garage or driveway. Yet as little as one teaspoon can cause irreversible kidney damage, and can be fatal to a small dog. Clean up spills quickly and thoroughly.

Stay-alert formulas can cause convulsions in dogs.Ibuprofen can cause kidney damage or gastric ulcers in dogs.

These are some of major ones which along with many other common ones you can take care and avoid dangerous aftermaths of a major accident.

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