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Avoid These Common Dog Problems

Updated on January 28, 2010

Your dog is probably one of your best friends. You enjoy spending time with them as often as possible, taking walks, practicing tricks, and playing around the house.

However, if your dog has behavioral problems, you might be less inclined to enjoy your time together and instead feel the urge to yell or not spend time with your dog at all. There are a variety of different behavioral dog problems your dog might exhibit and for the most part, all of them can be helped by solid obedience and household training. Make sure to take the time you need to see to these problems as they occur.

Common Dog Problems: Barking

Your dog might be the quietest one on the block, or more likely the loudest and most obnoxious. Barking can be one of the most annoying habits of your dog problems. You don't want to be stuck with a noisy dog, so it's important to know exactly why they are barking.

First off, don't yell at your dog. You'll never solve your barking dog problems by being louder than them, because they'll only respond by being louder as well. If your dog thinks you are instigating a shouting match, they will do their best to win. That's the last thing you want.

If you dog is merely barking at the occasional dog crossing into your yard or a diesel truck outside, you might not have that big of a problem. However, if you cannot figure out the cause of their barking and it is constant, you have a particular dog problem that might require further assistance.

You can purchase any number of special collars that emit small electrical current or sprays citronella substances whenever the dog barks. They are safe and should help to reduce your barking dog problems.

Common Dog Problems: Biting

If your dog problems are more serious, such as biting issues, you might need to seek professional assistance. Most local authorities have initiated programs that punish dog bites severely, like putting them to sleep. Teaching your dog not to bite is incredibly important, not only to keep yourself safe but your neighbors and the precious life of your dog.

When your dog is a puppy, start the training right away. It is common for puppies to nip and gnaw on surfaces and hands as a method of playing. This will eventually evolve into a problem if you allow it to continue. For that reason, stopping the biting early, in those infancy years is vital. Don't allow your puppy to bit or chew any part of yours or anyone else's body, regardless of how funny or cute it might appear to be.

Common Dog Problems: Desperation

You might not be able to fix the problems your dog displays. They might be loud, prone to nipping, and tearing up the things around your home. If this is the case and everything you've tried has failed, consider taking your dog to obedience training and teaching them to be quieter and more respectful of your commands. If you can teach your dog early, those fun times you have will be all the better for lack of any serious behavioral problems.


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