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BSL We need to take a stand

Updated on January 17, 2010

Breed Specific Legislation

We all need to take a stand and do our part to stop BSL before we lose all our rights to own a dog.  BSL will effect everyone soon no matter what breed of dog we own,  be it a pitbull terrier, a German Shepard, a Rottweiler or a poodle.  As dog owners we are responsible for our dogs and their actions.   

There are some simple things that we all can do such as properly socializing our dogs starting as pups.  A well socialized dog is a much happier dog and better companion. A dog that is exposed to all sorts of things from the time they are a small pup is less likely to react poorly in certain situations.  Obedience training, even just the basics will make for a happier companion.  By just doing these few things you can make a difference in your dog.

BSL is running ramped everywhere.  Already there are so many cities and towns where it is against the law to own certain breeds.  There are people out there everyday that are trying to change laws and ban breeds in every city and town, and if we as dog owners don't take a serious stand soon we could take a chance at losing our rights to own any breed of dog just not these targeted few.  

Do you realize that those so called animal groups out there are really out to get our beloved pets taken from us.  Groups such as PETA and HSUS are not who they appear to be.  These groups are funded by big money and can do us a lot of damage.  With funding like this it speaks volumes to those in charge and in government positions.  When you have celebrities advertising and making everything look so nice.  Please take some time and do some research and make a stand. There are lots of helpful links out there.

Remember every voice can be heard and every person can make a difference if they try.  Do the right things, be a responsible owner, go that extra mile to make sure your dog is socialized, obedience trained, and a good citizen in general.  You are all that your pet has between being able to continue to own them or not.  Please love your dogs and make sure you keep that right to do so.


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    • janiek13 profile image

      Mary Krenz 8 years ago from Florida's Space Coast

      If you treat your pet as a part of the family, they tend to act that way.