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Updated on July 31, 2010

Now this will be a simple article about a very easy way to keep your doberman (or any other dog) amused on those dreary days when walking is a pain.

Any Dobey owner will know that their pet is a very exercise intensive animal - 2-3 hours exercise a day minimum. I personally am not a "Fine Weather Walker", ie. one of those people that only walk their dogs when the weather is good and are never seen in derogatory conditions. In fact I am one of those weird people that actually like the rain - only yesterday I spent an hour sitting under an oak tree sheltering from the rain in the middle of a wheat field. I had a news paper to read and a couple of cigars so was quite happy and my dobey Lexx was just as happy to mill around under the tree with me.

BUT sometimes there is occasion when the weather is simply that bad (here in the UK summers can be terrible), that walking is simply out of the question. But the dog still needs exercise, so what to do? Well, we can play a little ball, and also have a few board games (a full reiew to come shortly) but one way to keep my boy entertained is quite simple and fun for us both - BUBBLES.

There are several applications out there for this form of entertainment and the results may depend upon your dog. Firstly I purchased a bubble gun with liver flavoured bubble soap. The toy did exactly as it said on the tin - you simply filled the gun with liver flavoured solution add a couple of batteries and pull the trigger. Unfortunately, the sound made by the gun frightened my boy (he is a bit of a wimp) so we didn't have much luck there. Whilst browsing the shelves of the local pet store we came across some bubbles which pretty much reminded me of my childhood, ie. a simple tube of solution with a dip stick that you pull out and blow through.

After this purchase we have brought at least 4 more, although I do not understand why they are PEACH flavoured. It doesn't matter though as without the battery noise my boy loves them. These bubbles are also of a much thicker consistency which means they do not simply burst upon contact with furniture/dogs noses fact they can settle for ages allowing your pooch to have time to snap them all up. They do leave a residue on furniture which results in a some cleaning up after but this is nothing compared to the joy they will bring your dog.

So, a little evidence may be required? Just view the video feed below to see my beloved lexx enjoying this sport...

Now I in no way credit this exercise as a full time replacement for outdoor exercise but as you can see from the movie above it can be a fun way to expend some energy indoors when your normal regime is interrupted - my boy is 3 and a half at the time of writing and he still enjoys this endeavour as much as when he was a mere pup.

Please do not buy childrens bubbles to entertain your pooch as they seem to be made up of more soapy ingredients and while I couldn't say for sure that these would make your dog ill I personally wouldn't risk it.

Thanks for reading and have fun with your DOBEY (Or other dog)

Brendan Roberts (Doberdog)


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