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Baby Panda Facts For kids

Updated on September 9, 2013

Baby Panda Facts for Kids

Sadly, Panda bears are becoming extinct. Actually, there are not many left in the wild. Here are a few facts on Panda bears:

  • As of 2013, there are only 1,000 Panda Bears left in the wild.
  • 100 of these Panda bears are in zoo's.
  • 99% of a Panda's diet is Bamboo.
  • Pandas can eat up to 20 to 30 lbs of food (Bamboo) each day.

The pandas are the most loved bears on the earth. Sometimes they are elusive in nature. While the scientists are still trying to find about the panda bears, they are rapidly diminishing in population due to the loss of their native habitats in the bamboo forests of China. However, after studying them in zoos and sometimes in their natural habitat, the scientists have found out something about them. The facts thus obtained are mentioned below for you.

Gestation Period

The gestation period of the baby pandas are between 95 to 165 days. Generally two cubs are delivered at the time of the birth, but the survival rate of the cubs is halved in nature as only one grows up to become an adult. They are born without any body hair.

Size of Pandas

Panda bears are the smallest newborn mammals on earth other than the marsupials when compared to the size of their mothers. They generally weigh very less ranging from 3-4 oz. and are similar in dimensions to a butter stick.

Characteristic features

Baby pandas are born with their eyes closed and they remain closed for 6 to 8 weeks after their birth. They are unable to move from the place until they are at least three years of age. Thus they are totally dependent on their mothers for nutrition as well as safety till they reach one year of age.

Rate of Development

The baby pandas are known to develop rapidly between the ages of 5 months to 1 year. During their growth, the baby pandas closely imitate their mothers and follow their every action like walking, climbing trees or even eating bamboos.


After a baby panda reaches 2 years, they leave their mothers and start their own family. No information has been found as to why they leave only after two years and not after that.

Though the pandas are cute to look at and considered harmless, yet they are in the list of endangered species and will soon become extinct if their natural habitat is not restored to them. Unfortunately, the adult pandas left are very less in number, only 1600 today and are diminishing rapidly in number, even as you are reading this article. Though there is no evidence about the exact lifespan of an adult panda, still scientists believe that they live up to approximately 35 years of age.


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