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Baby Animal Names

Updated on January 1, 2015

Baby animal names and pictures

How many baby animal names do you know? Of course you know what a new-born dog is called and a new-born cat. But what about a young elephant or rabbit? Have a look through these pages to check how many of these baby animal names you know.

This first section is about pets. The second section is about farm animals. The third section is about wild animals. This page is specially designed to be read to toddlers and smaller children.

You'll find lots of cute baby animals pictures too. Some of these are poster which you can buy from Amazon.

Now, to really test your knowledge. Do you know what a group of whales is called? How about a group of lions? Visit Animal Groups to find out the answers to these questions and to find out more animal group names.

Above cute rabbit photo modified from morguefile

Baby Animal Names - Pets



guinea pigs



Which is your favorite baby pet?

See results

What's a baby dog called? - A baby dog is called a puppy

puppy in a bucket print
puppy in a bucket print

Isn't this a cute puppy peeking out of the bucket? Do you think he's playing hide and seek?

When puppies are born, they can't see or hear. For the first few days of their lives, puppies only seem to eat and sleep. When they sleep, they cuddle in close to each other and to their mother. After about two weeks, they will open their eyes and start to walk around on wobbly legs.

Choosing Puppy Names

I have included some links to lists of puppy names to help you decide what to name your new puppy. Our dog and his twin brother were named after two characters from the novel, Pride and Prejudice - Bingley and Darcy.

(Do you want to name your puppy after a car (eg Dodge), an historical figure (eg Hercules), a cartoon character (eg Pebbles), or his appearance (eg Tank)? This is a large database of puppy names which you can search by different categories. Have fun!)

(Scroll down a little for a list of the top 20 boy dog names and the top 20 girl dog names. There are also letter tabs if you want to look through puppy names from all the different letters of the alphabet)

(A big list of puppy names in alphabetical order all on one page)

Links checked Jun 2013

What's a baby cat called? - A baby cat is called a kitten

kitten in yarn basket photo print
kitten in yarn basket photo print

What do you think this sweet, fluffy kitten is going to do in this basket? Will she do some knitting or will she make a big tangled mess?

Kittens look a bit like little mice when they are first born. Their eyes are closed and they can only crawl around a little bit because their legs are so weak. When kittens are about ten days old, they will open their eyes for the first time and the muscles in their legs will be stronger so they can start exploring - not too far away from their mother though!

Choosing Kitten Names

I have included some links to lists of kitten names to help you decide what to name your new kitten.

(Would you like to name your kitten after a type of food (eg Cashew), a place (eg Dublin), or a movie or TV show (eg Xena)? This is a large database of kitten names which you can search by different categories (or kittenegories!))

(A big list of kitten names in alphabetical order, all on one page)

Links checked May 2013

What's a baby guinea pig called? - A baby guinea pig is called a pup

Guinea pig with her baby wall decal
Guinea pig with her baby wall decal

Why do you think this guinea pig pup is sitting on his mother's back? What can he see from up there? Do you think it's another guinea pig pup?

Guinea pig pups are born with their eyes wide open. They are quite active too. Within an hour or so they can run around. And by the time they are one week old, they are one third of their adult size.

Choosing Guinea Pig Names

Here are some links to lists of guinea pig names to help you decide what to name your new guinea pig.

(Big list of guinea pig names in alphabetical order on one page. Scroll down to get ideas if you have a pair of guinea pigs to name (e.g. Bubble and Squeak))

(Another big list of guinea pig names in alphabetical order on one page.)

(Here you can find guinea pig names inspired by music (e.g. Banjo) or food (e.g. Cupcake))

Links checked May 2013

What's a baby rabbit called? - A baby rabbit is called a kitten or a kit

baby rabbits art print on canvas
baby rabbits art print on canvas

Don't these two fluffy, white rabbit kittens look adorable? One has black ears and the other has brown ears. Would you like to stroke them?

When rabbit kittens are first born, they are bald and wrinkly and not very pretty at all. But by the time they are two weeks old, their fur coat has started to grow. Rabbits grow very quickly. When they are six weeks old, they are fully grown.

What's a baby mouse called? - A baby mouse is called a pup (or sometimes a pinky or a kitten)

lots of baby mice
lots of baby mice

Look at all these mouse pups in the nest! How many babies can you see?

Mouse pups are also born naked and blind. It is only when they are about two weeks old that they can see. When they are six weeks old they will be fully grown.

Your own pets to cuddle and love

Even if you can't have your own real live pets, you can practice looking after them by playing with some of these little lovelies.

Find out more baby animal names

Animal Babies (Pictureback(R))
Animal Babies (Pictureback(R))

Learn what baby animals are called in this 32 page book with sweet, detailed pictures and some info about each one.


Baby Animal Names - Farm Animals



cows and bulls





Baby Farm Animals
Baby Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Have you ever seen baby farm animals? Do you know what they are called? These young farm animal pictures are really cute. Take a look and see how many of their names you know.

What's a baby sheep called? - A baby sheep is called a lamb

Sweet lambs poster
Sweet lambs poster

These two little lambs are out exploring but I don't think they will wander too far from their mothers.

Lambs are able to get up onto their feet within a couple of minutes of being born. Soon they are leaping and jumping all around.



What's a baby horse called? - A baby horse is called a foal

Mother and foal poster
Mother and foal poster

Look at this little foal resting near his mother. Do you think he's been running around?

When foals are first born, they look like their mother but much smaller and with a shorter mane and tail. Not long after they are born, foals will struggle to their feet and start walking around. Soon they are running around. It will take about a year and a half before the foal is fully grown.



What's a baby cow or bull called? - A baby cow is called a calf

calf lying in the hay poster
calf lying in the hay poster

Isn't this a cute calf lying in the hay? She is almost all gray except for a white spot on the top of her head.

Calves are born with full coats and their eyes wide open. They can soon stand up and walk around.



What's a baby goat called? - A baby goat is called a kid

cute little goat kid
cute little goat kid

This little kid looks like she's ready to play. Would you like to give her a race?

Kids can stand up very quickly after they are born and within half an hour they are bounding around and climbing - even onto an adult's back.



What's a baby pig called? - A baby pig is called a piglet

cute little piglet
cute little piglet

What do you think this little piglet has been up to? Do you think he likes having his photo taken? He looks like he's posing for the photo.

After piglets are born, they will keep trying to stand up even though, to begin with, they keep flopping back down. Soon they will be noisily tottering around.



What's a baby duck called? - A baby duck is called a duckling

duckling tin poster
duckling tin poster

How cute is this fuzzy, little duckling paddling through the water! He loves the water.

Ducklings hatch out of eggs. They can see and hear and cheep. Their webbed feet make them good swimmers. When they are about three weeks old, their soft down will fall out and be replaced with feathers. They will follow their mother around wherever she goes.



What's a baby chicken (hen or rooster) called? - A baby chicken is called a chick or a pullet

chicken with basket of flowers tin poster
chicken with basket of flowers tin poster

What's this little chick doing in this basket. I hope she's not eating the flowers!

To begin with, chicks are soft and fluffy, but when they grow bigger, their fluffy feathers fall out and they grown new adult feathers.



Baby Animal Names - Wild Animals

polar bears










baby wild animals
baby wild animals

Wild Animals

Now things are getting really tricky! How many of these wild baby animal names do you know?

Maybe you can see some of these cute young animals at the zoo, or, if you're really lucky, you could see some in the wild. Whether or not you have seen them before, you'll love the cute animal pictures I have found for you.

Lion cub picture credit (CC BY-SA 2.0)

What's a baby polar bear called? - A baby polar bear is called a cub

polar bear and cub
polar bear and cub

Look at this playful polar bear cub. Do you think he's worn out his mother?

Baby polar bears are born with fur to protect them from the cold but they can't walk for 70 days. When polar bear cubs are born, they are very much smaller than their mothers.

What's a baby elephant called? - A baby elephant is called a calf

little elephant calf
little elephant calf

Look at that tiny elephant with such big ears! He fits entirely under his mother's body.

When they are born, elephant calves weigh about as much as a man but they are only three feet tall. Almost as soon as he is born, he is up on his feet and he can walk around within an hour.


What's a baby koala called? - A baby koala is called a joey

koala joey poster
koala joey poster

Look at this koala joey holding on tightly to his mother's back. Does he look nice and warm in his furry coat?

When koalas are born they are hairless and only about the size of a jellybean. They live hidden away in their mother's pouch until they are old enough to poke their heads out. When they are about seven months old, they will spend most of their time riding on their mother's back or stomach.



What's a baby tiger called? - A baby tiger is called a cub

tiger cubs mini poster
tiger cubs mini poster

Aren't these tiger cubs cute? What game do you think they are playing all in a row?

Like other cats, tiger cubs are born with their eyes are closed. But their stripes are already showing.



What's a baby deer called? - A baby deer is called a fawn

deer fawn glossy poster
deer fawn glossy poster

Look at this little fawn lying in the shadows. He is lying very still waiting for his mother.

Fawns are able to stand very soon after they are born. When the mother has to leave her fawn, she leaves him hidden in the undergrowth where his speckled coat makes it hard to see him.



What's a baby kangaroo called? - A baby kangaroo is called a joey

cute little joey picture
cute little joey picture

Do you see the little kangaroo joey peeking out from his mother's pouch? He looks very cozy in there, doesn't he?

When a kangaroo is first born, he is less than an inch long and he can't see or hear. He uses his sense of touch and smell to find his way into his mama's pouch and starts drinking milk. The joey grows and stay in his mother's pouch until he is quite big. When he is older, he will hop in and out of the pouch and sometimes he leaves his feet hanging out of the pouch.



What's a baby seal called? - A baby seal is called a pup

seal pup art print
seal pup art print

Do you think this little seal pup will get cold lying on the snow and ice? He has a coat of long white fur to keep him warm and make it harder to see him on the white snow.

Harp seals are born with a thick coat of white fur. They are born in early Spring and feed on their mother's milk for only about 12 days. They put on a lot of weight in those 12 days because the milk contains lots of fat. After this time, they begin to shed their white coats and become more silvery-gray. They can't swim for the first 7 or 8 weeks so they just stay sitting on the ice.



What's a baby fox called? - A baby fox is called a cub, pup or kit

One, two, three, four, five. Five cute, fluffy fox cubs. I wonder what they're playing.

In the spring, the mother fox (a vixen) makes a burrow (an earth) for her cubs and lines it with some of her own fur. The cubs are born blind with a very short coat. So they rely on their mother to keep them warm and protected.



What's a baby orangutan called? - An orangutan baby is called a baby or infant

infant orangutan poster
infant orangutan poster

Hold on tight! Look at this tiny orangutan infant. He loves climbing.

The mother orangutan will carry her infant with her everywhere she goes. He will cling to his mother's furry belly with his strong arms as she swings through the trees. When he is a little older he will wander around on his own. He will stay with his mother for about eight years.



What's a baby anteater called? - A baby anteater is called a pup

baby anteater poster
baby anteater poster

Where do you think this anteater pup is? He is climbing on his mother's back!

When an anteater is first born, he looks very similar to the fully grown anteater with a full coat of hair except he is smaller. The anteater pup likes to ride on his mother's back piggyback style. The young anteater will get off his mother's back to feed and, as he gets older, to explore his surroundings.



Learn more animal names

Animal Group Names

This page will show some of the different animal group names, from the more common to the bizarre. You will also see pictures and videos of groups of animals too

Don't you just love these adorable young animals? - Were there any of these young animal names that you didn't know? Feel free to leave your paw print here.

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      I had no idea a baby anteater was a "pup." I saw some on a nature documentary recently and I was amazed - I had no idea they rode on their moms. Great picture (above)! Love the lens - super cute. The kittens remind me of our own kittens; all rescued as 'stray' babies and now happy with us. Thanks for sharing these great pictures and I love all the links!

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      Name The Baby Animals is the perfect game for jungle and farm animal themed baby showers so I've been recommending this exact sort of trivia game on my shower lenses. Forgot a baby mouse is called a pup. Cute pics!


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