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Bangalore Malleswaram Needs a Dog Park.

Updated on November 2, 2013
skgrao profile image

I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Every body loves Dogs.

A Dog Park.

Yes this fine good old ward in Bangalore even now with all garbage and plant waste is seen also with people walking with their Dog's during day and night so that their Dog can pee and poop at any place and in front of any home or apartment.All these people have no place for their Dog to pee or poop and so they take them out for making the ward a Dog Crap ward in addition to throwing their garbage in every corner that they find with some garbage already thrown by one of their own ward lord.The people with a Dog on lash walk in the road as if they are taking the Dog for a walk when no one is around they manage to make the dog crap or pee as soon as possible.If somebody looks at it they drag the poor Dog with out allowing it to complete its nature call.Once I hid behind my parked car and not seeing me she allowed the dog to pee on my car tire I came out and asked the lady if she will allow my dog to do the same on her car tire.with a grim face she walked away not answering my question.When I see some one doing this sort of a ugly practice I stare at them and they look the other way with out a dam on what they do.

The practice of pooping your dog must stop in the street and local administration must make it a unlawful activity by banning such practices by people who carry on this most uncivilized and nasty act as also impose fine of up to Rs.500/- if they are caught at the act just like traffic red light jump which they are good at even if it was not done.

Everybody Loves a Dog this man loves his Dog to poop in front of others Home.( He must go to Dog Park exclusively kept for Dog Poop.)

Dog License.

Do you have a Dog?

Do you take your dog for a walk or to make dog crap on the side walk ?

I remember when I was a kid 60 years back every dog owner had to have a license token around his dogs neck and dogs with out this license tag would be taken away by the local municipal squad that was maintained for this work.Once we got our Independence the dogs too got it and it was dogs every where on the street.The dog squad was abandoned by perhaps some stupid official on his own instructions and the people who did the job got promoted to paper work with a table and chair a long wish they had to issue dog license and soon this was also taken off as the dogs population increased since dogs on the street abandoned by the owners who could not take them to their relocated places left them on the street and they produced more dogs.

Bangalore has a problem with street dogs and they are a big problem to children who get bitten and even eaten in some cases.There is a dog squad but they have to be bribed to catch a dog at the rate of Rs.50/- per dog they catch.

Dog Park for Dog Crap.

This is great.


People Violating this sign must be fined Rs.500/- on the spot.

Poop a Dog and deposit in the container provided in the park.

Where do you Poop your Dog in Malleswaram..

Where will you Poop your Dog?

See results

We need a Dog Poop Park.

We have few parks that are not allowing dogs in the park.Why not allow dogs on leash to come even poop and let the dog owners remove them with bags provided in the park as is done in other country's of the world.If this is not possible let them keep a park in every ward and make it a Dog Poop Park where the animal owners can bring them and avoid unwanted street crap of dogs go about sticking to car tires or people's shoes or in front of homes who try to keep the home neat and clean at least in front of their home.

A certain lady comes in front of my home and just makes her dog poop and goes away when I am sleeping in the early morning. One day I got up early and kept my camera ready to take the picture of her and the dog and after I caught her I opened the door and went out to show her the picture but she was quick and left the place.I followed her to her home and told her that she should not allow her dog to poop in front of my home.She did not admit that she had done it and when I showed her my camera screen picture she did not reply.I told her if it is repeated again I wont mind collecting the dog poop and smash it on her front door.From that day on she never allowed her dog to pass near my home.

Power from Dog waste.

A couple years ago, artist Matthew Mazzotta's idea of turning dog waste (methane gas) into renewable energy caught the world's attention with the ignition of a continuous flame at Park Spark in Cambridge MA. Since then, his splendid public awareness campaign of turning dog poo into bio gas has inspired other students and entrepreneurs across America, Australia and the UK to take waste and turn it into lucrative energy.

The dog-park biogas process is relatively simple: Pet owners stoop and scoop using a biodegradable bag, and toss bags into a methane digested on one of the two air-tight 500-gallon steel tanks. Microbes and water in the septic tanks work in an oxygen-free zone breaking down the dog poo; methane gas is released, rises and is ready to be used as energy. At Park Spark, it is piped directly into an old-fashioned gas-burning lamppost.In Bangalore should we not try this process.

Dog Poop Powers Streetlights


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