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How to Take Care of Ferrets

Updated on June 29, 2017
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Brittany Banks loves animals. She has experience with this type of animal and likes to share how to take care of it.


Ferrets are great to keep as pets. I suggest that you get two of them because they do not like to be bored and they like to have a companion. But before you go out to purchase one, I'm going to tell you the basics of how to take care of them.

Never house a different species of animal with a ferret!

Cage Requirements

You will need to find a cage that is about three feet tall. Find a wired cage that is two or three stories high. Make sure this cage has a solid bottom. If you don't, your ferrets will get their feet caught and they can injure themselves. Make sure this cage is escape-proof because ferrets are masterminds and they are very smart, so they will easily escape. Place the cage in an area that is not in direct sunlight. I suggest you do not place the cage where you are sleeping. Ferrets will wake up anytime during the day or night. You can find a good durable cage on amazon or at your local pet store. You can also build your own cage. I have a friend who kept three ferrets in the cage below in the amazon link, and it was easy to clean and very durable.

Prevue Hendryx 485 Pet Products Feisty Ferret Home with Stand, Black Hammertone
Prevue Hendryx 485 Pet Products Feisty Ferret Home with Stand, Black Hammertone

I have found that this cage is great for ferrets. Purchase one today for your fur babies!


Food Requirements

A ferret's diet is very important. They are carnivores, so their diets consists of only meat. You will need to find food that is high in protein and low in fat. You should feed your ferrets a meat-based high quality cat food. Wellness Core or Orijen Cat & Kitten are great examples to feed your pet. You will need to have food available at all times. Feed your ferret about a half a cup a day. Ferrets go to the bathroom a lot.

You can reward your ferrets by giving them treats. You can feed chicken bones or pork bones for treats. Make sure these bones are large enough, so your ferrets can swallow them.


Nail Clipping and Bath Time

Ferrets require you to clip their nails every two weeks. This can be tricky, because you need to make sure you cut them the right away. Two people can do the job. Clip after the quick. If you clip the quick, it will cause your ferret to bleed. Check out some videos on how to click a ferret's nails on YouTube.

Only give your ferret a bath once a year. If you do it often, it will strip the oils from the ferrets skin. This can cause the skin to be dry. When bathing your ferrets, make sure to use lukewarm water. You should use unscented baby shampoo.

Cleaning the Cage

About once a week, you need to clean your ferret's cage. Spot clean poop every day, because they do poop a lot. Remove every thing out of the cage and remove the litter and bedding. Fill your bathtub up dish soap and water. Place the cage in tub and let it soak for about an hour. You will need to use baby shampoo to clean the hammocks and fleece. Do not use laundry soap. Laundry soap can irritate a ferret's skin. After everything is clean, let it air dry. Make sure everything is dry before you put the cage back together.

Safety Outside the Cage

Ferrets require a lot of play time. They have very high energy and they will get into things very easily. Make sure you protect the electrical cords in your house. Block underneath couches and stands. I suggest you get a baby gate and leave the ferrets inside a room that is safe or in the living room. Hide anything breakable or anything else that you don't want your ferrets to get into. Ferrets are very smart and will get into anything. Purchase some liter pans for outside the cage. Place these pans in every corner of the room the ferrets will be playing in. They do intend to go to the bathroom outside the cage.


Vet Visits

You will need to take your ferrets to the vet at 11 and 14 weeks old to get vaccinated. Afterwards, they require annual vaccinations. Your vet may want a stool sample to check and make sure that your ferrets are healthy.

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    • bbanks27 profile image

      Brittany Banks 8 months ago from Spokane, Washington

      Ya they are cute

    • bbanks27 profile image

      Brittany Banks 8 months ago from Spokane, Washington

      Yes, I had one of them. They are very cute.

    • Terrielynn1 profile image

      Terrie Lynn 8 months ago from Canada

      I love farrets, I used to have a pair. They were descented before I got them, but they still had a smell my parents couldn't get used too. I would let them out of the cage and let them run around in the basement. I really miss them.