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Basic Small/Big Dog Care.

Updated on October 23, 2013

Pet Owners.

When adopting a dog/puppy you'll need to evaluate yourself and your characteristics so that you can find a dog breed that is similar to your characteristics, because it really wouldn't be fair to the dog if you got a very high energy dog and if you aren't going to take the dog out everywhere. If you tend to be lazy and are home quite a bit then you're obviously going to want to find a not very active dog. Again when you're active you'll want to get an active dog. But with any dog active or not its a must that you need to walk the dog/puppy at least once a day.

Nala (mixed breed) Pitch (black lab) and cowboy in the backround (toy fox terrier)

New Puppy.

With every new puppy you'll need to remember that it's similar to taking care of a baby, you need to spend time with your puppy and you need to take the puppy outside (you don't take babies outside) constantly, so that they can go to the bathroom, and they'll soon catch on to that and will usually start to whine or bark at the door when they need to go outside. As far as walking them, you'll want to just take them on a short walk because they tire easily, (assuming you get your puppy at 8-9 weeks) and as your puppy gets older you'll want to take them on longer and longer walks, until you get a set time. When getting a puppy you'll need to have time and patience. Puppies have a short attention span. After a week of having your puppy you should attempt to teach it a simple trick (Sit) if your puppy has a favorite toy, then use the toy as a substitute for a treat, tell your puppy to sit and gently put your hand on its back (near the rear) and gently push down, (basically showing your dog to sit) and then say "Good boy/girl," and then let your puppy play with the toy for a bit, and repeat. They'll learn eventually, it just takes time and patience. If you can't take your puppy out constantly I'd advise you get some Wee Wee pads and put one on floor, just in case your puppy has an accident, (pee's or poops on the floor) hopefully your puppy will choose to go on the Wee Wee pad and not your floor. You'll also want to invest in getting lots of chew toys for your new puppy, because with puppies, they tend to really want to destroy All of your belongings, shoes, clothes, chair legs and even the walls, so a good thing to have, is lots of toys they can chew on, instead of your stuff. And, I know everyone want's to give their puppy some of the food they're eating, but you should try to refrain yourself from giving your puppy, human food, usually if you don't ever have human food they in most cases will end up ignoring you when you eat, instead of staring at you and begging for food. With a new puppy you'll also want to get them used to nail trimmers, if you're lucky your puppy will have white nails, that way you can see the quick and it'll be easier to trim your puppy's nails. Otherwise when they have black nails, its almost like a guessing game when you're trimming their nails. And a very important thing is to have your puppy around lots of other dogs and around lots of people, this will socialize your puppy, so that your puppy doesn't end up being aggressive towards people or other dogs.

Nala (mixed breed) Pitch (black lab) and cowboy in the backround (toy fox terrier)
Nala (mixed breed) Pitch (black lab) and cowboy in the backround (toy fox terrier)

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Small Dogs.

Small dogs, they're almost like forever puppies. But they do come with a few quirks, they tend to shake, Lots and there's just a few things you have to watch out for when you have a small dog, it is a must that you socialize them with other dogs and people, and just because they're small doesn't mean they don't need to go on walks. The reasoning for getting them socialized is because, they tend to be a bit more aggressive to bigger dogs when they aren't socialized and if they nip at a bigger dog and that bigger dog happens to be aggressive, then there's a number of things that the bigger dog can do to your little dog. You'll also have to pay a little more attention to your dog's teeth when you have a little dog, because most little dogs, won't chew on bones like bigger dogs and chewing on things aids in getting the tartar off your dogs teeth. So you have to brush their teeth more and sometimes scrape their teeth. Also don't set your dog on an object that is too far off the ground, if its too high and they jump off of it they can hurt their legs.

Good Dog Food Brands.

  • Science Diet.
  • Natural Balance.
  • Sojo's.

A good dog food brand can leangthan your dogs life.

Medium/Large Dogs.

There isn't really special care for medium/large dogs, they will commonly chew on bones to keep their teeth clean, you do still have to brush their teeth and give them baths. Depending on the breed of dog you have you may need to walk them for longer times, (30 minutes-1hour) regardless though you should walk your dog everyday. Walking them will help socialize them with other dogs, especially if you go on a dog trail, where there would obviously have lots of other people walking their dogs, with bigger dogs it is very important to get them socialized with other dogs and people at a young age, because you run the risk of your dog harming another dog or person, with little dogs, you really only risk them harming other small dogs and they can't exactly harm a person. And sometimes with bigger dogs it is a little harder to cut their nails just because they're bigger and if they don't like getting their nail's trimmed it'll become a two person job. Same with giving them a bath. Taking them on bike rides is a good way to let them get their energy out.

Most Popular Dog Breeds.
Average Life Span.
Labrador Retriever.
12-13 years.
German Shepherd.
9-13 years.
12-15 years.
Golden Retriever.
10-12 years.
Yorkshire Terrier.
13-16 years.
Chloe, female pitbull.
Chloe, female pitbull.

Oral Care.

It's pretty simple. When dealing with your dogs teeth it is important to brush their teeth at least once-twice a week and give them bones to chew on, a good one is pig hooves and rawhide, the pig hooves last a while but if they don't chew on the pig hooves I'd try raw hides. If your dogs teeth get really bad you may run the risk of having them get their teeth pulled and it will leave you with an expensive vet bill, and if you can't afford or don't want to take your dog in to get their teeth pulled/clean then you can scrape the tartar off your dogs teeth yourself, it fairly easy to do, unless your dog doesn't like you messing with its teeth.

If you look at her nails, they are almost perfect but could be shorter.

This Is Nala, she's a beagle/lab and has some other breeds in her too.
This Is Nala, she's a beagle/lab and has some other breeds in her too.

Nail Care.

A dogs nails should always be taken care of. In the nail there is something that is called the quick and that's where the blood flows, so if you cut past the quick it physically hurts the dog/puppy and the nail will bleed, if that does happen you can put baking powder on it or buy some quick stopper at your local pet store. If your dog has black nails it'll be more difficult to tell how short you can cut your dogs nails, but really all you have to do is cut off a tiny bit at a time and if you dog starts to get really uncomfortable that's when you stop and then you cut the other nails to the same size as the first one you did. When your dog has white nails it makes it very easy to trim there nail, you can see the quick it is the pink part in the nail, just don't cut through that. And trim their nails a tiny bit once a week, the more you cut the nail the smaller the quick will get and the shorter the nail becomes. The quick grows with the nail so if your dog's nails get overgrown, then it'll take some time to get them short again. So its always a good thing to keep up on your dogs nail trimmings. If you let their nails become to long they could grow into the dogs foot and it's going to be expensive to fix the nail and paw, because it becomes a surgery. There is also the dog grinders and those might be a safer bet if your dogs nails are getting overgrown, the only thing that will make your dog more nervous is the sound of the grinder.

Coat Care.

It's really basic, you mainly just need to brush your dogs fur as needed and bathe them every two weeks, otherwise you can dry out their skin. Unless they go and roll in fish or in mud then there's that exception. With longer haired dogs it does require you to brush their hair a little more than you would with a short hair dog. Sometimes if your dog's coat is very poor it sometimes has to do with the food you're feeding your dog, especially if you're feeding you dog cheap food or your dog may have food allergies or is allergic to something that doesn't have to do with his/her food.

What to do With Your Aggressive Dog.

First off, how did your dog even get aggressive. There are steps to avoid your dog becoming aggressive in the first place. Unless you got a rescue dog. One thing you need to get, is a shock collar, that may seem mean but its to protect your dog and other peoples dog and even people if your dog is aggressive towards people. The type of shock collar you want to get is one that beeps and shocks. You want one that beeps because if you dog does something its not supposed to do you beep your dog and then shock them, that way they learn that the beeping sound means that they'll get shocked, and some dogs aren't affected by the shocking method so you then move on to the citronella collar, it'll spray citronella on them when they do something bad. But you always have to make sure you get a spraying/shocking collar with a controller, that way you're the one who has control of what the collar is doing, because the one's that go off barking or growling, can shock them or spray them even if they are just laying there. If you don't want to even use either of those methods, I would suggest getting a muzzle for your dog, that way it cant physically bite another dog. If you do get a shock collar make sure it works on your dog before you go taking you dog on a walk and it attacks another dog and you shock your dog and nothing happens. If they do respond to the shocking method then if they start showing aggression on your walk, beep them and they should stop, if they don't then you shock them, and on every shock collar remote should be shock levels so if the first shock doesn't work then go up and you should learn what level works.

If you get a shock collar this is the one you would want.


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