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Basics of Dog Grooming

Updated on July 20, 2014
Ready for a  nice grooming session.
Ready for a nice grooming session.

If You Are Here, I'm Sure You Love Your Dog.

Dog grooming is essential for all dogs and therefore for all dog owners. It's an important part of maintaining your dog’s hygiene and health. Routine combing and brushing removes any amount of shed hair that remains tangled in the coat. It removes dirt and dust and prevents hair-matting Frequent canine grooming will give your dog a healthier and shinier fur since combing also stimulates blood supply to the skin, improving hair quality.


Bond With Your Dog Over Spa

Grooming your dog is also a good way for dog-lovers to bond with your canine, and it is important to get your dog used to these grooming sessions from their puppy-age. Dogs gradually learn to equate such routine brushing and combing as an alternate pampering petting and another source of warmth and attention.
A set of quality brush & comb normally takes care of the dog’s coat, but that's not all a dog owner should be aware that the dog’s ears, eyes and nails require equal attention.

Different breeds with different fur types need different grooming instruments and methods. There are several concerns that should be taken care of for the perfect grooming and maintaining your dog's doggy-charm. Special care should be taken to prepare the dog for grooming and to bathe it (not all dogs like to be touched or to be thrown into water, some do), how to choose the best clippers, scissors and more.

A common dog grooming kit must consist a pair of scissors or clippers along with the suitable types of brushes and combs for your pet. Your grooming kit should be ready before you start preparing your dog for grooming. You never know when they lose patience and get all barks and bites. It is essential to bring up the dog in regular human contact so that it grows to like/tolerate human company.

Before and After Grooming
Before and After Grooming | Source

Lhasa Apso Gets Groomed

A dog has to be readied for grooming and the process starts with its birth. Your pet should be comfortable with human contact and human touch to avoid any biting incident during later grooming sessions. You should teach your pup to accept and receive grooming care as any kind of pampering and play.

Besides the psychological conditioning you'll need some of the following equipment to groom your dog to perfection. -

1. Quality clippers (preferably electronic, since it is safer)
2. Quality Hairbrushes carefully chosen for your dog's fur-type
3. Good quality Dog Shampoos and Conditioners.
4. A handy de-shedding tool
5. Claw clippers
6. Your dog's favorite treat. Chances are you might need it. ;)

Happy grooming!

Because There is Nothing Cuter Than a Well-Groomed Dog

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Before and After Dog GroomingBefore and After Dog GroomingBefore and After Dog Grooming
Before and After Dog Grooming
Before and After Dog Grooming
Before and After Dog Grooming
Before and After Dog Grooming
Before and After Dog Grooming
Before and After Dog Grooming


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