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Basset Hound Facts

Updated on July 1, 2014

The Basset Hound dog is a member of the hound breed family. This short legged dog is instantly recognizable and the star of many children's books and movies for a reason. The Basset Hound is a great dog rather you need a family dog or a hunting dog or anything in between. Basset Hounds are sweet fun loving dogs and do great with families and children.

Interesting Facts about Basset Hounds

  • The Basset Hound is a scent hound that was originally bred to hunt rabbits.
  • Basset Hounds are big dogs that usually weigh 55 to 75 pounds when thy are fully grown.
  • This dog is a heavy drooling dog.

  • Basset Hounds have extremely deep voices and howl. Sometimes their howls can be very loud.
  • Basset hounds are prone to a life-threatening health condition called bloat. If you own a Basset Hound you should speak to your Veterinarian about bloat, how to prevent it, the warning signs and how to treat bloat if you notice the warning signs as it can be extremely deadly if not treated promptly.

  • The Basset Hound is more of a lap dog than a guard dog, however they are very loyal to their families and can be protective.
  • Basset Hounds are great for families and get along well with small children.
  • If Basset Hounds are not properly exercised or overfed they are extremely prone to obesity.
  • Basset Hounds are usually brown ad white.
  • Basset hounds should always be friendly and never mean, aggressive or withdrawn.

Although Basset Hounds were originally bred to be a working hunting dog they are also great dogs for families. Even if your Basset Hound is raised as a family dog hunting instincts will still remain. Your hound may retain classic features and may tend to howl at passing strangers or chase down animals.


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