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Pet Secrets: Be Kind to Your Pet: No Matter What

Updated on March 11, 2013

Pet Secrets:Be Kind to Your Pet: No Matter What, is an insight into the mind of a jealous pet; a condition and problem that many of us never see let alone sort out with our pets. Humans have always felt a need to share their lives with animals. That relationship was generally one that had been more beneficial to the human. Over time; the trust that was offered by the animals, allowed people to farm or make pets of them. If you have had the opportunity to understand and get to know another living thing that you may call a pet or a friend; then make the commitment to always be kind to your pet: No Matter What. In that way your pet won't feel the need to keep secrets from you.

Most animals have highly developed senses, which were necessary to survive and thrive in the wild. Evolution has given animals the ability to naturally adapt; as opposed to humans who also have adapted; but more in a controlled manner. We have not developed the ability to sense the same way as our pets. Intuitively animals know whether or not we are kind and able to fulfill their basic needs; just as they are able to sense fear. We often don't choose our pets; rather it is our pets that choose us. From experience; beware not to spoil an intelligent frog. Learn the Pet Secrets that you didn't even know existed... Good Luck.


© Copyright 2009 - 2013 Pearldiver - Art of the Diver with all rights reserved.

Some home truths!

Why do we share our worlds with these things called pets?

And change our lives to make sure they have a home

Then get worried and search for them, every time they roam

And if they come home with a scratch or not looking too well

We humiliate them with a thermometer at the vets.

When I was young; I had so many pets to call my own

There were fish and bugs, birds, roos and sheep, cats and a dog

All gone now; up until last week I had just a cat and a frog

Partial to a midnight snack always was this green eyed cat

And the frog; like many a teenager; always on the phone.

The cat hunts the frog and the frog baits the cat

They’d play hide and seek all through the day

I’m sure that in the real world they wouldn’t act that way

But I don’t really mind and I shouldn’t complain

I suppose it could be far worse; if one was a rat.


It was the green eyed cat that actually adopted me

I’m told all cats have six senses or maybe more

And I think the frog is pretty smart from what I saw

Living in a scallop shell pool and a house of rocks

He tricks the cat with morsels and a promise of maybe.


Many wild things adjust so that they fit in with us

To an environment that is ours and not theirs

Animals always sense those of us who care

There are so many owners who mimic their pets

You’ll never see a small owner of a hippopotamus.


On Monday I found frog angry; so why was he like that?

Hopping mad he left; giving me a two fingered salute

Coming from a frog, such sentiment is not so moot

But when I went into the kitchen, I felt sad and horrified

As there attached to the fridge; was a green eyed cat.


On Tuesday the frog came home; a new puppy in tow

“I always wanted a dog, not a cat!” said my green friend

For such a nice tadpole; now he drives me round he bend

It’s amazing how different animals can live in harmony

They don’t need us to enjoy their lives; we are there for show.

As people we don’t always return what we gain from our pets

Selflessly giving love and joy; each in their own special way

Our pets accept us for who we are, on every single day

That is far more than we get from other people that we meet

So, be kind to the pets you have or meet; as a pet never forgets!

Thanks for reading Pet Secrets: Be Kind to Your Pet: No Matter What!


© Copyright 2009 - 2013 Pearldiver - Art of the Diver with all rights reserved.

I hope that you enjoyed this.

Frog on a wall - Thanks for reading about me.  I'm standing in for Pearldiver. He's been driving me up the wall since I shut the cat in the fridge. Frogs Rule.
Frog on a wall - Thanks for reading about me. I'm standing in for Pearldiver. He's been driving me up the wall since I shut the cat in the fridge. Frogs Rule. | Source

There is a poetic balance.

Animals never fail to deliver on funny experiences. In that way, they make our lives a little more enjoyable.... I hope we manage to do the same for them. One thing that I do know is: That if you show kindness and respect to the animals you share your world with, you may just be lucky enough to have that respect returned threefold.

Interestingly, treating all living things, including people, with a similar respect and genuine understanding, generally returns a similar result also. Be kind to your pet, no matter what and you will know how special you are thought of, by others... and hey... there is nothing wrong with being liked by a pet frog!


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