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Bearded Dragon Cages

Updated on September 13, 2010

Bearded Dragon Cage Example

Bearded dragon cages

If you're a bearded dragon owner or are planning to get one this short tutorial aims to help you make a better and more informed decisions about one of the most important elements in keeping a pet happy and healthy: their habitat. When buying bearded dragon cages please take the following things into consideration and you will be a much happier owner:

Things to consider

  • Bearded dragons need space, at the very minimum a 36x18x18 inch aquarium or cage for a full grown adult, however the more space the better. A bearded dragon is considered an adult once it reaches 6" or more.
  • Easy maintenance and accessibility are two of the most important factors when deciding to buy a bearded dragon cage. Easy maintenance means you will be more inclined to clean it's habitat while accesibility means you will be more inclined to play with him, two very important factors in your pet's happiness. Remember, a front opening cage is easier to clean that a top opening cage if you have decorations in your dragon's habbitat (which you should). Getting under all those branches and rocks is easier from the front or sides than having to take them all out to clean them.
  • Location is important: try to put the cage in a place that isn't very crowded or noisy as not  to stress the animal, but don't isolate it either, bearded dragons need to observe movement from time to time. Also try to pick a place that is dry, bearded dragons do not like humidity
  • Bearded dragons love perching so try to create at least one if not more perching spots for your dragon. A hide box is also necessary, either that or try to arrange the perching accesories in a way such as the dragon can hide or rest underneath them.

Bearded dragon cages tips and tricks

  • Put a lid on it! While bearded dragons might not like to climb often, they do sometimes and can still escape so be sure to put a lid on your cage.
  • Never have more than one adult male in a single enclosure as they will compete for territory and food and might hurt each other
  • The best bearded dragon cages are made out of wood or glass, or other materials that help keep the heat in instead of letting it escape
  • Bearded dragons live mostly on the ground therefore size in square feet is more important than enclosure height


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