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Updated on April 18, 2016

A mama butterfly lays all her eggs

One of which pops and crawls out a Caterpillar on its legs

It goes on a leaf and makes a shell

Where it hangs itself like a bell

Days pass

And the shell looked like a crass

And finally when it cracked one day

Something came out as grand as a bey

Oh it was a beautiful blue butterfly that mesmerized me

But I was so stupid it was just a dream beautifully haunting me

Atlast I woke up

I felt like I slept drinking a death cup

Thinking that it was just a dream.

I went to the window near the sun's gleam

I took a look at the garden

What I saw was really a burden

I rubbed my eyes and opened them again

I was happy my dream was not into vain

I saw the one in my dreams the blue butterfly that day

With spots on its body coloured grey

Also called the wish granter

Was looking like the painting of a painter

With a rush of wings it flutters high

To touch the sun and kiss the sky

The soaring butterfly with me it sings

Oh! Look at the creature with angel wings

I wonder if I would be the butterfly

I would have flew around in the sky

I would have drunk the nectar of the flowers

And also prayed to God to give me extra powers

Now as I had played a lot

I returned to mother whose head was hot

But I managed to control her.

As I narrated the fun story of my day

And I started, I saw a beautiful blue butterfly today...


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    • profile image

      Anushka 2 years ago from Kolkata

      it is my first poem on a topic given by a teacher of my school.

      hope u guys enjoy it!!