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Bella My Staffie Puppy

Updated on December 21, 2010

Bella is full breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier born into the Nathan Household.

We found Bella on, her being the only puppy left from the litter and being the runt. All the other puppies were being sold to Finland because the owner was afraid that people would buy them but after a while bring them to the pound and not letting the Staffie have a chance in life!

Before buying Bella the owner had put videos up on Youtube of the litter, Bella was definetly a Daddy's girl following her Dad everywhere he went!!

Bella was the cutest of them all a bit shy but I knew she would get used to us.

Of course on the way home there was a debate of whose holding Bella but my big brother got her in the end.

She fell fast asleep not worrying about anything. We all thanked God for how we are all blessed with this cute little puppy!

It was a Sunday night and Xfactor results show but we didn't care, couldn't stop looking at her and stroking her.

She has a little black spot on the top of her forehead and her ears sort of flop down making her look even more adorable!

Bella was still a bit shy! When she was put down on the floor she wouldn't walk only wanting us to pick her up!

Bella would sleep anywhere, always in the same position (her nose tucked under an armpit!).

You could see Bella anywhere because of her bright pink highlighted collar!

Being a Daddy's girl, when Bella is sitting on my lap as soon as my Dad walks into the room she jumps onto his lap!! (Bella loves my Dad the most)!

After Bella had her injections, two weeks later she was on her first walk! My family is very active so we brought her up a big hill but Bella being a Staffie it didn't tire her out!!

Now Bella was a Nathan!!


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    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 7 years ago from Isle of Man

      A well written piece showing how loved Bella is by you and your family. All a Staffie wants to do is please you and be with you all the time. Pure love.