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Belle - A Springer Spaniel with Star Quality

Updated on April 4, 2016

Belle's Story

Belle came to live with us in August 2013, just before her 3rd birthday. Up to this point she had been living with a disabled woman, who was unable to take proper care of her. From what we saw when we first met her, Belle was spending most of her time in the back garden, surrounded by her own dog poo! Her bed was an outside toilet with a missing door, filled with blankets and cushions. She was never taken for a walk, as there was no way her owner could take her. However she was so adorable, we couldn't resist her, and "rescued" Belle that day.

As it turns out, we live very close to a park, and I'll never forget the look on her face when she first saw it. She was so excited! Belle now goes twice a day, every day to play there.

A Bit More about the Springer Spaniel Breed

For us, a Springer Spaniel was the perfect breed. Springer Spaniels are naturally people pleasers, as they are gentle, trusting and loving to humans and dogs alike.

Belle would be no use as a guard dog. We have often joked that if a burglar was to break in, all she would do would be to give him a toy to play with over and over, until we discovered him and called the police!

The name comes from the fact that they were originally bred as working dogs, whose job it was to "spring" birds into the air for the hunters. They are commonly now trained as sniffer dogs.

Owning a Springer Spaniel can be very rewarding, however be warned that they have seemingly limitless energy, and need a great deal of exercise every day!

A Dog of Many Talents

Belle is not only a beauty, but intelligent too. She loves all people (especially children), and loves encouraging everyone she meets to play with her with her gentle and engaging personality. We've been thinking about ways to utilize her talents, and here are a few ideas...

Greetings Cards and Calendars

I'm sure you'll agree, Belle takes a very pretty picture. The camera obviously loves her, although I may be a bit biased! However, I could certainly see her enjoying all the attention, and being the perfect image for greetings cards and calendars.

After all, who would not fall in love with this face?

Therapy Dog

Belle is a confident and happy dog. Her tail wags constantly (except when she's asleep), and her love of life is infectious. She loves everyone, and this is always reciprocated, as she always brings a smile to everybody she meets. She will seek out strangers in the park, give them her ball, and smile at them until they throw it for her. When they do, she will return it for another go! Anybody that comes through our front door gets the same treatment. Belle seems to delight in making people happy! The best comment I had from a stranger in the park, sitting alone on a bench was this...

"Your dog has made my day! I was having such a bad day so far, and she must have sensed it. I'm so happy she chose me to play with her!"

The woman on the bench was crying tears of joy as she said this (still throwing the ball of course), and grinning from ear to ear.

Belle is a natural therapy dog, and it would be so rewarding to take her to places where she can meet people that can really benefit from the joy she brings.

If you would like to try Belle's services as a therapy dog, we are located in Portsmouth UK.

TV Appearances

We've all seen the cute dogs in adverts. You remember the dog instantly, but do you remember the product? Likewise, canines with small walk-on parts on TV and film often upstage the stars of the show. Could Belle follow in their paw prints?

How can Belle best use her talents?

See results

Any of the above options would be great for Belle. As an intelligent and loving dog, she would be stimulated, and so excited to share her love of life with the world!

In the meantime, back to the park to play with her doggie friends, and as many random people as she can find!

Have you got a job for Belle? If so, please contact us directly at:

If you have any comments, questions or doggie stories of your own, we'd love to hear them. Please leave your messages below


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