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Benefits of Using Dog Backpack - Buy a Dog Backpack online

Updated on April 15, 2012

After your walk, you may find that your dog still has a little pent up energy. This means your walk is not long enough or strenuous enough. Instead of changing your routine completely, you can add to it.

A dog backpack will provide extra mental and physical stimulation to your regular dog walk, whether that be around the neighborhood or at the park.

A backpack will never and should never replace obedience training or regular exercise, but it should be considered as an addition to what you're already doing. You should find that when using a dog backpack, your dog will use up the excess energy that he still keeps pent up all day.

If this energy is not released, you'll run into increased behavioral problems, such as jumping, chewing, whining, barking, leash pulling, and even aggression and separation anxiety. Plus, with dogs of the working class have extra energy that you need to be prepared to use up. Giving your dog a job will help you both.

When using a dog backpack, you will notice that after even a short walk, you dog will be ready to come home and lay down.

ABO Gear Aussie Dog Backpack

This is the backpack that I use with my dog. It is made of 100-percent cotton canvas with breathable cotton mesh material.

This backpack comes in small (up to 20 lbs), medium (20-50 lbs), large (50-80 lbs), and extra-large (over 80 lbs)

Is can be machine-washed on gentle cycle.

There is a pocket on either side of the backpack. Each will hold food, water, treats, poop bags, etc.

Benefits of Backpacks for Dogs

Using a backpack with your dog will help provide extra mental and physical exercise. It does not replace regular walks and exercise, but it adds to it. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, and no matter what kind of dog you have or what size the dog, you can find a backpack that will be suitable for you and your dog.

You will find that German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Huskies, Malamutes, Boxers, Pit Bulls, St. Bernards, Labs, Retrievers, and any intelligent, strong dog will benefit from using a backpack. This does not mean that your Greyhound or Collie will not benefit. It just means that those dogs with more energy, strength, and endurance need a little extra.

Dogs get more exercise while wearing a backpack. - The dog backpacks of saddles on either side to hold various objects. The more weight in the backpack, the more energy your dog will use carrying it around. When starting your dog off with a backpack, start empty, and slowly build up the weight. Do not go over 10% of the dog's weight; for example, if your dog is 50 pounds, the backpack should only weigh a maximum of 5 pounds.

Dog backpacks are a mental challenge. - It becomes a mental challenge to carry something, and for the working dog breed, you'll find that a backpack gives your dog a job to do. With a purpose, your dog will focus a little more (this in no way replaces basic obedience training, but is in addition to).

A backpack comes in handy for carrying supplies. - I found when taking my dog to the park, I was carrying my keys, cell phone, dog treats, bags, etc. I only have so many hands. Using the backpack, helps reduce what I have to carry, and my dog does her part. Backpacks are great when you take your dog on a hike or camping because he can carry his own supplies- food, treats, and water.


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